Thursday, August 11, 2016

Paradise Teochew Scotts Square

The second outlet of Paradise Teochew is located at Scotts Square, right smack in town to cater for both local and tourists. Presenting authentic Teochew dishes in an elegant setting. And from the crowd we seen, they are doing things right.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dehesa: On Offals & Things Whole

Chef-Owner Jean Phillpe Patruno(affectionately known as JP), previously of Head Chef of UNA exciting venture opened in Mid-December 2015. We had a preview and had waited until now before posting this review. (We took the chance to go back for lunch, but that's for another time.) 

We feature some of our favourite dishes here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lai Huat ar!!! Lai Huat Signatures

Lai Huat Signatures recently opened on China Street, a short walk from Telok Ayer MRT on the downtown line. It has been serving the famous sambal promfret since 1951!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tiger's Milk- Have you had it?

Ceviche is a dish popular across coastal regions of Latin America. Though originating in Peru, it is also found in Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, and now, in Singapore.

Tiger’s Milk is Singapore’s first Peruvian restaurant and has perched itself atop the Club hotel where it now calls home. It opened its doors in mid October and the Ambassador of Peru himself has graced the place with his presence, and praise for the authenticity of the dishes prepared. Dishes such as Ceviche, of course. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Paradise Teochew Restaurant at Chinese Swimming Club


    It is not easy to find a good Teochew restaurant in Singapore. Located in a really special and apt location, the Chinese Swimming Club, Paradise Teochew Restaurant is indeed quite a gem. Helmed by Chef Cheng Fa Kwan, he is backed by 34 years of experience in creating the special menu for this restaurant.

    Embracing the Teochew root of emphasis on natural flavours, light seasoning and most importantly, freshness of ingredients used, Paradise Teochew features over a hundred dishes of Teochew style signature dishes. Coupled with an array of dim sum offerings, diners are certainly spoilt for choice.

    A higher grade Oolong tea was served as we were seated. It helps to clean the palatte so that diners are ready for a good feast!
    The Teochew Four Varieties Combination comprises of Teochew Pork Roll, Teochew Prawn Ball, Braised Sliced Duck and Pan Friend Scallop with Minced Garlic. Pictures don't do justice to the quality of the food, but we will try our best to describe the flavours for you.
    The prawn balls are hand made by the chef daily. You can definitely tell from the shape of each prawn ball that they are hand pressed. Tasty and much fresher than what you get at other restaurants, the deep fried crisp around the ball will have you wanting more
    The Pork Rolls @ Ngoh Hiangs are also very crispy with just enough chestnut in them to keep you chewing with a crunch. 

    The next dish is highly recommended.

    Freshly made daily, the chefs have to skim out the egg white from a carton of eggs, lightly pan fry them like a crepe, wrap the diced chicken, Chinese Ham, bamboo shoots and chestnuts, then steam them. The meat is also stir fried before they are placed within for steaming. Its such an intricately made dish with an intensely satisfying flavour. Certainly 2 is not enough.


    The Sauteed Pomfret Fillet in Tomato Broth and salty vegetables is also worthy a try. The fish is extremely fresh and the Tomato broth certainly surprised us. Thick and flavourful, the broth complements the fish perfectly. Have the soup with some rice and this dish will certainly fill you up.

    The Braised Mustard Green you see below is cooked to softness, topped with shredded conpoy and prawn roe. Very special and an extremely Teochew dish. It is very light tasting with bursts of flavour from the prawn roe. Good to have for a balanced meal!

    This is a noodle imported from Hong Kong by the Chef because he had tasted this in a Teochew restaurant there. No other supplier has this in Singapore. A Must dish to have! Gently dip the slices in the vinegar and sugar provided. As a guide, 4 slices per person will keep you just at bay from overeating at this dish.

    Lastly was the dessert. As mentioned by the chef, this dish is not easy to make and is made fresh daily and upon order too. It doesn't look sweet nor cold but once you eat it, it just makes sense... totally!

    A combination of crispy pumpkin, yam and sweet potato, this dish certainly feeds the eyes too. The Chef has gone back to Hong Kong to find out how to make this as he had this dish many years ago and still remembers it. It is safe to say Paradise Teochew is the only one who has this dish in Singapore. Indeed, a treat from the usual mashed yam with gingko. We suggest ordering this for a fresh taste instead of the usual.

    In general the food at Paradise Teochew is really light flavoured. We feel that those who have a liking towards strong tastes will also be able to enjoy the food here. Comfortable ambience and great service tops off the meal and makes it a pefect place for a family dinner.

    Paradise Teochew Restaurant is offering:

    - 30% off food bill (weekdays)
    - 20% off food bill (weekends)

    Valid for dine-in daily excluding eve of & on Public Holiday.

    Limited to 1 redemption per table per bill.

    Terms and conditions apply.

    Call 6348 7298 for enquiries.

    Located at 21 Amber Road, Chinese Swimming Club, #03-01 (via Arrival Pavilion).

    Offer valid for OCBC, Chinese Swimming Club and Paradise Gourmet Rewards Cardmembers only.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

The First Mos Cafe in Singapore!

It's finally here!

MOS Burger has been in Singapore for some time. However, MOS Cafe, as some Singaporeans who have travelled to Japan, always wonder why they did not bring it into Singapore.

Well, the good news is that it has finally arrived. Foodprints was honored to be invited and we had a really great time in the newly renovated premises.

First up, the menu is already different. Not to say that all the items were new, the new items were definitely interesting and appealing to begin with. Do check the display at the front of the store and some of our pictures if you like to know what kind of food they serve and how it is prepared.

MOS Cafe is proud to bring in the siphon coffee machine. Being the first to do so in a care
The Vegetable smoothie is our biggest recommendation for a healthy drink. Comprising of ChyeSim Cabbage and Lettuce, one would think that its a really horrid drink. But to our surprise, MOS Cafe has done is so tastefully, combining it with honey and banana, that it was a real treat to drink it! Strongly recommended for the health conscious and for those who like a green drink (Well there is algae beer too eh!) 

Their fruit tea is served hot and iced. Both are visually appealing, followed by a refreshing taste. The choice of fruits was indeed carefully thought out. 

Now this burger may look really tall in their pictures, but don't worry, it is not that scary. However, it is quite a bit to finish. We loved particularly how the different types of onions were put into the burger. The meat is extremely fresh and well marinated. The lettuce and vegetables in the burger are also freshly prepared in the cafe itself. The sauce... ooooo... so good!

Something which the normal MOS do not have, MOS Cafe has desserts! We usually have the apple pie at the normal MOS outlets. This time there are much more choices in the Cafes!

Cakes!Matcha Cake!

French Toasts with ice cream and fruits!

The one wwe strongly recommend is this matcha ice cream with azuki red beans!

MOS Café Singapore
Raffles City Shopping Centre 
B1-38, 252 North Bridge Road Singapore 179103 
(City Hall MRT)
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10:30pm

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Belgian Beers: Introduction to the world of old beers

Belgium beers are probably one of the oldest in the world and have a full range from pale lager, lambic beer, Dubbel, Tripel.... and so, to understand and get accustomed to the wide variety of Belgian beer, we were humbled to be invited to the first Belgian Beer tasting session hosted by the Ambassador of Belgium to Singapore himself.

Just a word of caution. Belgian beers can have high alcohol content. The stronger ones typically the Dubbels goes between 6-8% and we tasted a few that went up to 11% ABV. (Think wine!)

In general, we like the champagne style beers which are typically double fermented. Generally sweet like champagne but still retaining the beer characteristics. We love them and they are pretty popular with the ladies.

Many of the beers were fermented in wine barrels and these gave the beers extra flavours (strong) and if you love depth in flavours in your food (or drinks), these are pretty interesting to check out.

Belgian brewers has NO rules. Creativity in their beers holds no boundaries and we are surely grateful for that. From strawberries to apples to peach to espresso to port to wine...... and the methods of fermentation, double... spontaneous... we are sure you will find one beer that suits your liking. If you are able to survive the tasting, that is.

According to the brewers, they see a trend in people getting the bigger bottles 75cl to bring to parties in place of beer. We are not surprised with the complexity of flavours and special craftbeers available in the market right now.

And here, we share some of our favourite beers we managed to taste.

Brunehaut Brewery  [website] [Facebook]

We love the champagne beers here. Brunehaut Fruit beer (5%) ABV. It is organic and gluten free, while keeping all the flavours of a traditional craft beer. The St Martin Blond (7% ABV) was particularly outstanding too.

De Gouden Arend - Brewery de Ryck [website]

While Brewery De Ryck carries Steenuilke (6.5% ABV), which is good with spicy food, the Arend series of Blond, Dubbel and Tripel, the true standout is the Gouden Arend (9% ABV) which is their anniversary brew. Full of flavours, fruity and surprisingly powerful, we love it! We were quite sure there were hints of lychee (think moscato) but it could had been the alcohol speaking.

Brasserie Dubuisson [website]

Surprisingly, we did not get a photo of the actual bottle so we got the above photo off the brewery website. This beer definitely left an impression. This beer is fermented in oak barrels that were formerly used for burgundy. Very pretty colour and a taste that is leaning towards that of wine. A matured taste with a great bouquet of berries and surprisingly long finish. This beer is brewed in limited quantities and specially made for year end festivities. (13% ABV)

Brewery Broeder Jacob [website]

Remember we mentioned there are no rules for brewers? The standout from Brewery Broeder Jacob are the Double Port (9% ABV) and Double Espresso (7.7% ABV) for us! 1% of tawny port goes into the Double Port and that is why the taste of port is so pronounced in it. Johan (Director) told us that the family is in the coffee business and they experimented with the Double Espresso, which we thought worked really well! Think Kalua, the bubbly type.

Brouwerij De Halve Maan [website]

This is the only brewery within the historical center of Brugges. Like all the breweries that we tasted beer from, they have a good series of beer and the Straffe Hendrik Heritage (11% ABV) stands out.
It is a special variety of the Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel, as it is fermented in oak barrel for a year. Taste and frangrance of the beer is complex and this is (again) a cross between a beer with the subtle taste of wine and wood. Dark fruits and licorice can be tasted.

The brewery is also doing crowdfunding for the construction of a pipeline to connect the brewery to the bottling facility. Go check it out on their website! The highest membership entitles you to 33cl of beer EVERYDAY of your life!

It is impossible to list all the beers we tasted here, but do check out the other breweries listed here:

Brasserie - Microbrasserie De La Principaute - that exhibits the different flavours using three different hops.

Het Anker - brewery hotel and restaurant on-site

Brewery Omer Vander Ghinste - arguably the best dark beer we tasted.

Oud Beersel - the Lambic beers were pretty awesome.

St-Feuillien Brewery - St-Feuillien Grand Cru (9.5%) is worth a mention.

And of course, with the beers, light beers from Gunter's were served. We were so impressed that we had already made reservations for dinner later in the month.

The tasting gave us the motivation to visit Belgium, with the extensive offers of tastes in the beers and the cuisine. Belgium has many up and coming chefs and we will be sure to visit if we manage to make the trip happen! Most breweries are open for visits, you just need to contact them and arrange in advanced.

Big thank you to Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) and Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) and the Embassy of Belgium for organising this event.

We sure hope to see more Belgian beers available in Singapore soon! In the meantime, many of the breweries exports to Japan, US and Thailand!
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