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Food Prints was started in 2009 to document the beautiful photographs of food that the authors online have had and shared with the food-loving community in Singapore. We are especially interested in food that highlight the natural flavours of ingredients. Chefs who marry creativity with authenticity and the art of pairing wine with food, especally those with Asian food. We are more often or not elated with the food tastings that we are invited too, but we sometimes just chance upon food which surprise us and that's the "Mmmm......mmmphh!" moment. Hence it is our utmost pleasure to share with everyone our reviews, ranging from simple, delicious, comfort-food hawker fare to mouth-watering, delectable, sophisticated fine dining cuisine.

We are especially humbled to be named in the following websites and we thank all our supporters for their support since. 

Join us on this exciting and colourful journey as We Bring Delicious To You.

Yeoh Cheng Huann
Cheng Huann is an avid foodie and he believes in sourcing out the best food in the Singapore eating scene. He believes that food not only reflects the passion and culinary magic of the chef, it also tells a story of it's heritage and culture of its place of origin.

Fresh ingredients, creative combinations and appetising visual presentations of food are key to any dining experience. It's not only the taste that counts, it is the journey.

"Delicious doesn't start nor end with the palate. It is the full experience that really matters."

Kelvyn joined Food Prints in 2013 and had been a real gem since. He is a Certified Wine Specialist (CSW - Society of Wine Educators) trained by Lim Hwee Peng School of Wine in 2011 and is particularly keen in sharing what makes food so good.

His previous venture at his own beverage stall and a sommelier at a restaurant in Singapore brought him on a good, long sabbatical from to explore the restaurants and cafes of USA in 2011. Meals ranging from US$10 to US$300, his favourite includes Le Bernadin and Redd.

"Food is meant to be eaten, Delicious is meant to be savoured."

Guest Writer

Lionel is obsessed about hotpot. He feels a tinge of shame each time you mention a hotpot joint he's never been to, and resolves to visit it at the earliest opportunity.

Having lived an extended period in Beijing, he has tasted some pretty interesting flavours and of course, his fair share of hotpot. 

Lionel does his utmost to sup on the soupy goodness at least once a week. Check out his adventures at

Official Photographer

David is a moments photographer, photojournalistic, or even candid.
A close friend of Foodprints, he has embarked on this journey to capture the great food we experience in our journey in this blog together. Though he may not be at all our tastings and events, the addition of his work we hope will help you enjoy our blog more. Be careful not to salivate unknowingly!
"Your moments. Your stories. Let's go capture them together."
You can see more his works and awards at

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