Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Le Binchotan: French- Japanese Tapas @Amoy Street

Chef Atsuhiko Hagiwara together with Chef Jeremy Chiam created a fascinating menu with a creative touch. Combined with the creative cocktails by Sugar Ray Ruban, designed to go with the tapas, it is a certain plus for a dining experience.

Bincho-tan is used as the charcoal as it burns at a lower temperature for a longer period which helps to instill the smoky taste to the food and at the same time retain the juices.

Needless to say, our favourite items on the menu comes from the grill section.

  The lamb skewers ($13) is a must for lamb lovers. Well marinated and grilled to perfection, just gamey enough and the tender chunks will leave you yearning for more. The wagyu striploin ($15) was a delight! Enough of the natural taste and tender, a premium meat done perfectly.

Pork Jowl ($35) is always tricky to manage. Have to be cooked long enough to break down the sinew but tough if over cooked. LBC does a good version of the dish. And the charcoal pumpkin adds an interesting dimension to the taste. It taste like keropok with pumpkin filling. We totally loved it.

Leave some space for desserts if you are adventurous. The smoked chocolate ($15) is a love it or hate it kind of dessert. Opinions were split but it is worth the one time experience of tasting it. Just like durians.  If you like the smoked dessert from Hatter's Street at Kovan, you will probably adore this. Goes well with your strong red wines.

The cocktails we tasted ($19-23), evolves around citrus elements. We particularly like Sake My Cucumber for it's refreshing lift and the Bowtie for the presentation and the inspiration behind it (Think light version of pina colada).

Ambiance: It is intended for the place to be packed and cosy, so expect to squeeze by fellow patrons to get to your seats. LBC sits 38 pax comfortably and when we were there, it seems extremely popular with the after work crowd. 

Le Binchotan is located at the back alley, next to the popular burger joint as you can see in the photo.

115 Amoy Street #01-04
(entrance via Gemmil Lane)
Singapore 069935



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