Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lai Huat ar!!! Lai Huat Signatures

Lai Huat Signatures recently opened on China Street, a short walk from Telok Ayer MRT on the downtown line. It has been serving the famous sambal promfret since 1951!!

The traditional steamed pomfret and the fiery sambal fish are two dishes that are definitely not unfamiliar to us. Lai Huat Seafood has kicked things up one notch and successfully married these two dishes, forming their signature dish, the Sambal Pomfret. It is no wonder Lai Huat had this dish going since 1951! Definitely a crowd pleaser.

Dressed in a generous portion of homemade sambal chilli, this signature dish is a must-try. Apart from having a unique taste, the sambal also gave a lot of bite. It may be a tad too spicy for those who aren’t fans of chilli, but the spiciness will amazingly wear off soon enough, allowing you to take another mouthful of it. The fish, despite being deep-fried, was not oily, though it was drier than its usual steamed counterpart. What’s interesting about the fish is that it can be eaten whole - together with its bones and fins. No more hassle of having to remove fish bones! 

The fish maw soup is packed with lots of ingredients, including dried scallop and generous amounts of crab meat. The fish maw was cut into small strips, making it easy to eat for both young and old. The egg was flavourful, and the mushrooms added a nice sweet flavour to the soup. Overall, it was a soup tasty enough on its own, even without any sauces. 


The prawn paste chicken is another mouth-watering dish that is suitable for both young and old. The skin was crispy and the batter was of the right thickness, complementing the juicy flesh really well. A dish with nothing to complain about, except its addictiveness! 

A simple yet delightful dish, the stir-fried qing long with silver sprouts was a good addition to the other meat dishes on the table, with the sprouts giving the dish a refreshing crunch. 

Finally, a huge portion of crab bee hoon, flavourful with a strong crab taste. The bee boon was cooked to the right tenderness, soaking in all the goodness of the broth with the crab meat fresh and succulent. The gravy is not overbearing and perfect for those who like the natural flavours of the crustacean.

Overall, it was a more than satisfying meal, with each dish leaving our tastebuds with distinct flavours to remember about. Perfect for families and groups of friends. 

Lai Huat Signatures
23 China Street
Singapore 049565
Tel: +65 66363828

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 11pm

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