Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2nd Kitchen Seafood Changi

2nd Kitchen is nicely tucked away in the one of the quietest spaces of Singapore. They provide the best relief for all the weekenders and the quiet seekers at Loyang Changi. Being a second from the one in Balestier, this one provides a sea view and enjoyable walk after meals.

The Pan Fried Prawns with Butter Cream Indonesian Style was a very tasty dish. It comes with lightly deep fried buns so that you can lick up the entire plate of butter cream sauce. A must do dish!

The highlight of the day was the giant grouper. It is not served whole but just a portion of it. We felt the meat was really juicy and the gelatin of the fish was indeed rich to the taste. Do give this a try!

Video taken from 2nd Kitchen's facebook page on the giant grouper.

The claypot tofu was also more than expected in quantity. Price worthy!

 The soups are worthy to order. Keep them on the table as there will be plenty to go around for a refreshing taste to the heavy sauces on the other dishes.

The fried fish in thai sauce is also well fried. Deeply fried to make sure you have lesser issues with chewing on the bones.

Thai Style Chicken Cutlet. The sauce was as expected but the cutlet was juicier than it looked.

This Fried Bee Hoon in Lala Soup is the highlight of the day. The soup base was really creamy and not overly brine. A fair portion of lala was included and it got us all licking the bowls.

 Stir fried Venison, generous portion and were tender. Pretty well done.

Kangkong stir fried in garlic.

Prawn Paste Chicken Wings (Ha Cheong Gai!) were rather tasty and were piping hot when served. Must say they were tasty and were satisfying!

Champagne Pork Ribs. Definitely worth a try. Don't expect champagne tastes though as champagne doesn't make the food tastes as strong as XO infused food, the champagne does make the pork ribs very very tender. Bone-chewing-fearsomes, do chew gently as the meat is tender and the bones may be quite easy to chew broken.

The Prawn Rolls are definitely a highlight and also a recommended dish. The joy ends pretty quickly as you will be too busy grabbing more from the sharing plate!

 The Taro Paste (Orh Nih) with sweet potatoes is lighter in its taste. The cream seems less fatty, perhaps a healthier version. Comes with a generous portion of sweet potato and gingko nuts. After having this dessert, we recommend you go for a good walk around Changi Beach.

2nd Kitchen Restaurant Pte Ltd
20 Netheravon Road (Changi Golf Club)
Tel : 6543 2839
Mobile 8669 2486 (Derrick Chong)
Opening Hours : Daily 11am - 10pm (last order @ 9.30pm)

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