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Lewin Terrace @ Fort Canning - Christmas Hokkaido Special

“We wanted to create a menu that is both elegant and memorable, but also evoked a sense of homely comfort for our guests. We hope our diners will identify with the traditional flavours and enjoy them in new interpretations and refined presentations”  
Chef Ryoichi

Lewin Terrace has a prompt Valet parking in the easy to miss parking space, and the beautiful walk up to this restaurant was indeed somewhere romance or business are accommodated. The beauty of this place is indeed a gem in the central business district and plunged into comfort and relaxation for a good meal.

Chef de Cuisine Ryoichi Kano’s Hokkaido-inspired Christmas menu brings to life the tradition and spirit of the holiday by exemplifying the essence of the changing seasons through its fresh and finest quality ingredients. Classic holiday flavours combined with Hokkaido local seasonal ingredients in a menu that is sophisticated and authentic, with culinary techniques to bring out the most of the ingredients’ natural freshness and sweetness. 


The bread basket was served warm, very warm. The butter that accompanied were dedications of the kitchen to make it really easy to spread. We highly recommend the small round puffcake like bread which has cheese in it. Simply delightful after the walk up to this restaurant and a good start to the meal.

A succulent feast awaits guests, starting with Hassun, literally translating as “a variety of flavours” and featuring a platter of various delicate components – squid with cauliflower puree, Hokkaido potato velouté topped with crispy potato skin and caviar, soba tea rice sushi with asparagus and ikura (salmon roe), uni with scrambled egg and croton, amaebi (sweet shrimp) with eggplant and white radish as well as the elegant Hokkaido snow crab paired with refreshing tomato. With Chef Ryoichi’s picturesque plating, guests will enjoy a visually exquisite feast of delicacies. 

The menu followed with the fresh and tender pan-sautéed Hokkaido scallops. The profound sweetness of scallops matches harmoniously with the rich butter dashi sauce, adding an extra splendour to the ingredient. The light and refined texture of the scallops are paired with the sides of spinach and shitake mushrooms. 

A delight to watch as each individual's plate is served with flame and butter poured at the table.  You will be left licking up the entire scallop shell.

Rare and seasonal kinki rockfish was perfectly pan-seared and served with the delicate sides of purple and yellow carrots as well as broccoli and drizzled with Hokkaido rice sauce and olive oil. Chef Ryoichi’s signature touch of leaving the fish scales intact as an utmost respect to ingredients. Indeed tasty and well prepared. The crispy lotus roots also made the dish complete.

Cubes of glossy Joshu wagyu Japanese beef steak pose as chess pieces to brussel sprouts with the hidden gem of creamy foie gras. The dish is presented with the impeccable finishing touch of a soil of sansho pepper and trickle of red wine sauce. 

The beef cubes were well seared, leaving a bright red in the middle. We were left wanting for more as it was really one of the best we have had. the foie gras paired well to contrast the texture of the beef. Very generous portions of foie gras.

After the main event, the wind down begins with a bowl of traditional and comforting soup curry, the de facto national dish of Japan and followed by the dessert of Hokkaido Mango and Coconut Blancmange, consisting of highly-prized and freshly air-flown mangoes from Hokkaido. The perfect combination of the luscious, juicy tropical fruit and soft, delicate coconut blancmange creates a dessert that is simple, light and sweet for the palate. The curry rice will leave you wanting more but you will be too full to ask for more.

Lewin Terrace’s new Hokkaido Christmas menu will be available in the month of December and the five- course set menu is available at SGD 148 for dinner and lunch upon request. 

Wines are also very reasonably priced. Recommended to have the in-house sommelier to recommend some wine pairing for you.

Wedding couples who like a simple ROM ceremony (from nearby!) can also request for the small room and the deck outdoors to be used as your place for romantic memories.

For more information about the menu, please visit or follow 


About Lewin Terrace
Lewin Terrace is a Japanese-French fusion restaurant featuring French & Japanese techniques and a produce-driven approach. The restaurant is helmed by Chef de Cuisine Ryoichi Kano and his talented team of culinary professionals. The restaurant is housed in a gorgeous black & white bungalow that is the former residence of the Chief who headed the Central Fire Station on Hill Street. Perched in the depths of Fort Canning’s greenery and imbued with Japanese entertaining and hospitality savoir-faire, Lewin Terrace is expected to become a romantic venue that will draw couples for all sorts of occasions ranging from dinner dates and anniversaries to proposals and weddings.

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