Friday, October 10, 2014

2The Pot: Mookata and Chicken Pot

Opened for about two months, 2The Pot brings together the recent trend of mookata and the not so familiar, but very good, chicken pot. This is probably the only place that offers both options at reasonable prices (average spend $12-20 per pax).

Shawn (in the photo), one of the three partners told us that they love the concept of the chicken pot and at the same time, wants to ride on the recent popular trend of mookata and give diners both experience at a single place. "For a party of 5-6, you can order a set of mookata and a set of chicken pot, and enjoy two sets of experience." 

We love how the place was set up. Clean, bright and adequately ventilated with both air-conditioning and fans, this has to be one of the better environment we had been in for steamboats. The restaurant can take up to 60 pax (with two levels of seating available) and they are opened for reservations.

Located in the quaint neighbourhood of Joo Chiat, it is just a short walk away from the public carpark and being a corner unit, it is hard to miss.


The mookata comes with a choice of two soup base, chicken and tom yum (additional charge). Our suggestion to you if you are having both mookata and chicken pot, keep one of the options non-spicy. Unless you enjoy having an inferno experience in the loo the next day.

A set meal for mookata is available, with very generous servings. If not, there is always the option of ala carte menu.

Several meats options are available, our favourite (and their best sellers) are the korean spiced pork belly and the honey glazed pork belly. The meats are marinated overnight which gave a tasty punch to the meats. The pork belly are thinly sliced to make cooking easy (and faster).

And of course, greens are always something we cannot do without. If you are having the tom yum soup, here's some friendly reminder as posted early in our tips for steamboat. So that you don't end up with a fire sponge.

Chicken Pot

 Shawn suggested that we have the laksa chicken pot, saying that it is their pride and most customers love it. And we know why. Made from scratch, the laksa paste is concocted at the premise by chef and partner, who has Peranakan "coaching" (a private story for another time).

Thick, full of flavours and seasoned right, at a good spice level but not overpowering, we totally love it! Shawn's wife, Iris, who runs the shop full time, shared with us that some customers also order the side dishes to cook in the laksa. A flask of chicken soup is also provided, for us to top up the laksa as it simmers down.

The laksa gravy is so good that you can just slurp it all up. If not for the mookata, we probably would have done that.

We have heard good reviews on the assam chicken and perhaps will pop by to taste that in a later time.

Apparently the fried mini-man tous are used to soak up the thick gravy (ala chilli crab style), but our opinions on this was divided. We would probably love the gravy with rice but were too stuffed to try it out.


Cooked side dishes are available. The Thai fish cake is decent and worth a mention. Something else that looked interesting is the lemongrasss fried chicken wings. Maybe next time.

And beer is available to wash down all these spicinesss. The homemade lemongrasss and thai iced tea is authentic and a great after food drink. A great finish to mellow the fiery goodness of both the mookata and the chicken pot.

The consistency in the design of the premise continues with the staircase leading up to the second level seating area.

Modern and yet with hints of heritage.

Our verdict: A nice cosy place for mookata and chicken pot with a wide variety of choice. Our HotPotMan will go back for another visit on the seafood options. Marinades are done by themselves, which we always love and we absolutely love the fact that they make their own laksa paste. 

Can't wait to try the assam chicken actually. 

2The Pot is located at 
333 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427588
Opening hours: 5pm to 12midnight
(Opens till late for Fridays and weekends)

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