Thursday, October 23, 2014

Plaza Singapura - Flavours of the World to 2 Nov!

Plaza Singapura is now celebrating their 40th Anniversary!! From wines to meats and oysters and cheeses, even chips and biscuits, all over the world, they bring to you "Flavours of the World"!

The celebrations are held at Plaza Singapura, Main Atrium. You can't miss it with all the flags and the Jazz music bringing up the beat. UOB Cardholders also get a special deal!

For those who are thinking of organising parties end of the year for Christmas or New Year celebrations, the wines and snacks make a really good deal! Savings Savings Savings Great Deals Great Deals is all we got when we went through the event! So hurry up down, we even hear some wines are already sold out! Lots of Moscato (we know why!)

Anyway here are some of the highlights that you might be interested in.

We recommend the Torres Selecta Black Truffle Potato Chips as well as the Mediterranean Herbs Potato Chips ( 2 for $12.95, only at the event!)

 We also recommend the Rekorderlig Winter Cider. This can be drink drank drunk cold or WARM (wow!). Cold Storage is the exclusive distributor in Singapore.

Discount available only at the event!

The Pinkish beer actually tasted quite refreshing. From Hoegarden, we call this is a fusion of beer and wine. Rosee Hoegarden!

A MEGA selection from the Ciders and Beers Section! If you are a craft beer enthusiast, you would love it here! Highly recommended for your parties!

1 LITER BEERS! Gibst du mir ein Maβ bier! PROST!

 Not forgetting the wines! There are various wines that are on offer and they are real value picks. A good table wine can be picked up from $15 and a nice quality bottle is available from $30. 

A great chance to shop for your Christmas and New Year parties!

We highly recommend this for Christmas. From Italy, this is no normal Moscato that you drink. Price wise worthy!

This Special sweet wine, Botrytis Semillon is also uniquely shaped, full of sweetness and a nice talking point on the table.

Keep a lookout for the Chile Section, where the New World Wines such as the Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are fast selling out. Especially good for the dry lovers.

In the France section, the Rhones and the Loirre are pretty good. Have a chat with the French promoters direct from France and find the one that suits your tastebuds.

Some pretty good Australian Shiraz and Argentinian Malbecs can also be found in the rows. Keep a look out for them with the promoters. Have your long finishes whilst you much on the Wagyu Beef!!

For those who never experienced eating while shopping, this is a great opportunity. Oysters, Sausages and Wagyu beef are provided to feed you whilst you browse through their excellent selection.

So come experience the fun and food! 


Come quick!!!

Once again... 
Plaza Singapura Atrium
Only till 2nd Nov 2014!

Have fun! 

Thank you Allison+Partners!

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