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The Boiler ... Thats How They Roe!

Indeed the lobsters await. They dont serve the lobsters already deshelled, nor upside down. These Boston Lobsters end up on your table staring straight at you. Thats how whole the lobster is at the Boiler.

Owned by bankers-turned restaurateurs, “The Boiler” is a Southern American-inspired seafood joint that serves up fresh seafood in Louisiana style known as Seafood Boil. It aims to ignite your five senses by bringing back the harmonious spirit of fresh tasty seafood and unassuming dining atmosphere all under one roof.

Big bold flavours, paired with the freshest seafood is what The Boiler promises to deliver to its customers as it opened to public a fortnight ago. Located within the Tai Seng industrial area, this Southern American-inspired seafood joint aims to satisfy diners of all appetites by serving fresh live seafood in Louisiana style, away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life after sunset.

Before the lobsters, lets see what are some of the appetisers and side dishes are offered.

Louisana Spicy Mid Joint Wings

These wings were just so well sauced, marinated and crispy and juicy. When asked, the owner mentioned the batter is a specially concocted in the kitchen. Dont forget to squeeze the lemon if you like, we conveniently forgot it when it was delivered to the table. The beauty of the wings just made us devour them immediately.

Bacon Shrimp with Hickorey BBQ Sauce


This dish was a delight just to watch it served in front of you. Each prawn is individually wrapped in bacon and they have sticks already placed in them for ease of eating. The amount of barbeque sauce pored over them were a good proportion. The dish is gone even before you know it! 

Then comes the nacho chips! When you eat these chips, you wonder: Why are they so different? Why can't I stop eating!? Reason is the chips are all made in house! Handsliced and prepared by the chefs, they are just a delight to eat. Not sure if you can order more but we did not see that in the menu. Try asking for more!
Boiler's Bombdiggity Bag

Sharing portion for 4, it includes Dungeness or Brown crab, a generous portion of prawns, mussels, clams, sausages, corn and also a serving of lightly deep fried bun. The crabs were somewhat, no longer appealing after the lobsters. The sauce that comes in this bag however was so worthy of ordering even more buns. It was also a good break from having lobster only. The corn we felt could have been a sweet one and prepared more juicy to complement the already amazing bag of seafood!

Southern Chicks and Waffles

This caught us by surprise. Savoury and sweet, meat with waffles is not something you find out there everywhere. The chicken was done to perfection. The waffle however could be slightly less done as it was really crispy. Then again, the crispiness of the waffle added to complement the juicy chicken. The maple syrup was also slightly heavy handed, sweet tooth tasters would love this dish as a side. 



Now we are talking. Served whole, fully cooked, sauced all over, looking like its straight from the ocean to the boiler and onto your table all in 15 minutes, we bet you wouldn't go "WOW!" when its served. Don't look at other tables to cheat!

The Boston Lobsters come in 3 sauces. These sauces can be applied to any seafood that you choose (other than lobsters, you can choose crab, prawns, mussels and clams)

Our table had the Garlic Butter and The Works. We had The Works in Medium and Ragin Hot as a side dip so that we could taste the difference. It was an even vote between the two sauces but the Ragin Hot was a significant difference from Medium... so beware! 

The Garlic Butter sauce also had a very good but not overpowering garlic taste to it. Buttery and creamy, it indeed went well with the lobster meat. Do get more of the buns or the buttered rice to go with it. 

The lobsters were also very well prepared in that they are easy to deshell. There is an instruction sheet in the menu which we shall leave you to explore when you are there. Much easier than having to deshell a crab and you will be ready to eat the meat in just 2 minutes!

At $75 per lobster, there is now a discount at $49 each. So catch them fast!

Lime Mint Freeze


We had the Lime Mint Freeze, in anticipation that the sauces will be overpowering. Indeed, it was a good chill from the heat in Singaporea, but we felt it could be done a little less sweet. True to that, it did help to clear the strong flavours of the sauces for the seafood as well as the BBQ sauce.

Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer

Now this drink is HIGHLY Recommended. Especially those who love ginger milk tea or ginger tea when we go for a drink during tea time. The ginger in this beer is so strong that you would think the 4.4% of alcohol is actually 14.4% You wont feel it in an instant, but the rise in your temperature will indicate that you are now an ginger alcoholic! Superb when its chilled!


This is The Boiler's version of Margarita. Though we were already too full to try anymore, it was indeed an interesting idea and one to have if you are a beer lover and up for a good kick! We have yet to try it but when will be reviewing the lunch menu soon and will update it there!

Fried Durian and Yam with Vanilla Ice-Cream

The dessert was finally served after 2 lobsters, a bag of seafood and a good dosage of chicken wings and bacon wrapped prawns and lots of laughter.

We felt the dessert could do with a little less deep frying. The durian was impressive. Never expected the durian inside was quite wholesome. You even have to dig the durian fibres out after eating. Juicy and crunchy all in one bite!

The yam however was overpowered by the batter. The sweet potato fries are still preferred.

The ice cream was really just to revive the tongue with its light and fresh slightly less creamy feel.

This was the Chef's dessert of the week. The other desserts available are the chocolate molten lava cake and Quattro Sensation (4 flavours of ice cream).

The Boiler is also very spacious. The industrial design makes it a perfect place for gathering after work or for a quick casual meeting in the evenings. The kids menu for those young ones below 12 is also on that will leave your children wanting for more!

We leave you words from one of the co-founders Malcolm Hong:

“I am very excited to share the joy of the communal dining experience I had in the States with family and friends back home. The location and design was specially thought out so our customers can have a unique dining experience, and also to create a live-work-play environment for people around the vicinity.”

For more information, please visit

Malcolm Hong
T: +65 8163 8017

The Boiler Pte. Ltd.
18 Howard Road
#01-06, Novelty Bizcentre
Singapore 369585
Tel: 6635 1285

Opening hours for Dinner:
Closed on Monday
Sunday to Thursday (5:30pm to 10.30pm)
Friday and Saturday (5:30pm to 12.00am)

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