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SET Contemporary Cuisine @ POMO

Set Contemporary Cuisine is one which was created from the heart. Once you walk in you will be amazed at the pure size of the place. Spanning 5 shop spaces, this is a place for groups definitely, yet couples or individuals who go will feel equally comfortable there.

Raymond, the manager, used to helm TAO which used to occupy the first floor of the same building. He is very confident that the concept still works as he had many returning regular customers.

The set menu has a very reasonable price to it (see end of post). We felt that for the setting and quality of food, the price was at a sweet spot.

Chef Starter - Baked Cheese 

This dish was meant to be served piping hot, with the right amount of cheese grilled to give the look on this picture. When you receive this dish and dig in with your spoon, you will realise how difficult it is to achieve that crisp on the outside and that soft velvety cheese on the inside. Did we mention there's crispy bacon inside too?

We were taught to place some of this on the perfectly toasted traditional bread and bite in. Simple delightful dish with the traditional feel. We simply adore it!

If we had the chance, we would want this dish available for breakfast and tea too!

Cold Dish - Salmon Garvlax

The salmon were lightly smoked and the flavours from the sour cream was well paired. Overall a very juicy yet cruchy starter. This Nordic inspired dish with the salmon cured in salt, sugar, and dill was indeed a good start to the meal.

 Cold Dish - Tomato Caprese

The tomato slices were sliced thin with mozarella cheese foam. The dressing sauce added in completed the dish. Suitable for those who like a much lighter starter than meat, vegetarian and salad-lover friendly.

 Cold Dish - Smoked Duck Breast

The smoked duck was absolutely delicious. The fats were more than the normal smoked duck you get outside, through the careful selection of the chef. Enough just to whet your appetite for the meal.

 Cold Dish - Huai San Carpaccio 

The Huai San Carpaccio is one to have on the table - at least one. Thinly sliced, they still packed a crunch and the tomato and peach rounded off the fruity, light and fresh starter.

Side Dish (6 course set only) Grilled King Oyster Mushroom

The oyster mushroom could have been slightly less grilled we felt, but the mayo and teriyaki cream made up for this. One is immediately transported into the fields of Japan when eaten. Juicy, tasty and spiced up with the burst of flavours delight.

Soup - Mushroom Veloute with Peanut Butter

The Mushroom used in this soup is not just a fresh mushroom chopped up and poured in. The mushrooms were grilled! Indeed an interesting and fresh perspective to mushroom soup. It also contains peanut butter, a tad too heavy handed, but that we are sure will be worked to perfection by the time you get there. A little heavy for a soup, but definitely a delight too!

Soup - Double Boiled Herbal Chicken

Probably a normal dish one would say, we were satisfied with the chunky chicken. Not too much to fill you up yet enough to bring out the flavours and keep you wanting more.

Soup - Roasted Pumpkin with Truffle

As contemporary as this menu has got, the dash of truffle made it all worthwhile. Not our favourite but the pumpkin soup was really thick and tasty. Pumpkin lovers would want more!

Soup - Miso Soup with Sake

It was the first we had, with sake. Being much smaller in size than the other soups presented, we understood the amount of sake put in had to have a smaller volume to ensure it is still identifiable. Happy with the serving size as it still packed a punch to the taste buds. Alcohol intolerants have no worries on this.

Main Course - Grilled Snapper with Salsa

Finally we are at the main course! Being filled almost to the half way mark with all those startes we had to work our way through the Main courses. First served was the grilled snapper.

The meat was fresh and you could tell from the way it slides off itself. The sauces and salsa indeed brought out the flavour of the snapper. The effort with the sea salt and red pepper were indeed thoughtful and artistically done. Plating was given equal efforts as the dish itself.

Main Course - Roasted Beef Tenderloin

The beef we ordered was medium rare. Have the meat with the black pepper sauce and a dash of the sea salt at the side and it is almost a perfect dish for this set. The black pepper sauce was the base which allows you to dab as much or as little as you like. A good thought to allow customers to decide how heavy they want their dish to be yet at the same time look presentable.

Main Course - Marinated Rack of Lamb

The lamb falls of the bone. literally. The lamb does not have the smell which most people who avoid eating lamb are afraid of. Crispy on the outside yet juicy on the inside, we recommend it without the salt though.

Main Course - Baby Pork Back Ribs

The pork ribs were quite a delight too! Well marinated, soft meat and with the right amount of sauce blanket, its juicy to the point you want to lick up all the sauce!A little strong on the garlic side and the serving amount is HUGE. So come prepared to be fed to the brim.

There's chicken as a choice to the mains too but we didn't get to taste that. We would recommend the fish, pork ribs and beef as they pack a great taste and are really value for money.


Desserts were fortunately a smaller portion than we expected. We could see the efforts in wrapping up this contemporary themed menu. We were served with Espresso Creme Brulee, Poach Pear with Gelato, Huai San Jello, Pistachio Panna Cotta and a homemade cake with coconut shavings. We all had our favourites and it was just a great ending to the meal.

SET Contemporary Cuisine serves their meals as:
5 course Set Lunch at $28.80++
6 course set dinner is at $38.80++

 SET is designed to have a comfortable setting and have the full visual of the restaurant. Smartly included in the design is the private rooms that come at no extra cost. The bigger private space can be separated into 4 separate spaces (rooms) using curtains. We thought this arrangement is awesome as you can still have that restaurant buzz while maintaining a certain level of privacy.

There's two promotions ongoing at the time of print (SEP 2014), diners can get a discount off their bills and a vouchers promotion. Grab them before they are gone!

Address: No.1 Selegie Road, PoMo Mall, #02-01, Singapore 188306 Tel: 6337-7644
Opening hours: Open Daily From 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

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