Thursday, November 07, 2013

Grub @ Bishan Park

Grub at Bishan Park caught our eye when we were jogging. (Yes we need to exercise to burn off those calories.) The menu says the ingredients are from honest sources and since we have to eat, might as well eat clean food!

One thing to note. Grub doesn't take reservations. It is probably not recommended to go there for big groups. Tables are arranged for 2 or 4, so that is probably a good size for your group. Unless you don't mind breaking up your group.
Or go early, when they just open for brunch or dinner servings. The tables do run out if you are intending to gamble for the last seating. (About 8pm on a weekday is probably the latest we suggest you go.)
Grub offers a good selection of beer and ciders. And yes, coffee and tea too.  Beers @$10 and ciders @$13. Other drinks are in the range of $3-$6.
Grub Breakfast Set
It is a steal at $15. The focaccia stole the show for me. Scrambled eggs were pretty well done. It's like your big breakfast enhanced. (7/10)
Pork Steak Burger
Couldn't resist in adding an egg to the burger. The serving may be a tad small for a full grown man. Pork was done decently, a little more seasoning would had been great but decent all round. Love the buns too. Very brioche like for me, soft and a little sweet. But.... thee fries are DA BOMB. Probably one of the best fries we have had for a long time. $13+$2. (8.5/10)
Grub Cheeseburger
Same burger, different patty. Juicy patty. Decent. Somehow lack the oommmph for a beef burger. Maybe it's the regular patty size. Maybe a jumbo patty would had done justice. The fish burger was actually very good too! (sorry no photos!) $13. (8/10)
Pan Seared King Salmon Risotto (Dinner only)
Yes. As the picture suggest, the risotto is more porridge than risotto. That being said, the king salmon was done perfectly. Juicy on the inside and with just the right crisp on the skin. Also seasoned perfectly. $15. (6/10)
Mentaiko Fries (Dinner only)
The upgrade fries as we jokingly term it. The mentaiko aioli as expected gives the saltiness and the nori seaweed the boost. The fries (still done perfectly) was a delight. It does gets to you after awhile, so do consider if your mains comes with fries before deciding this to share.  $9 (8/10)
Slow Roasted Pork Belly (Dinner only)
The picture doesn't do justice to the awesomeness of this dish. This is a must-order for us. The mango sauce, mash and cherry tomatoes are great compliment to the dish. The crisp and the juicy inside simply just sets off explosions in the mouth. Our suggestion: Share this. Probably too much (or too much guilt) for one person to finish this alone. Which we know we could have. $15. (10/10)
I am sorry ladies. This is the only fail dish that we tasted. We agree that it is not easy to master churros but this is way too far off. Could had been sweeter, the death note is the high level of oil retention in the fried dough. The only saving grace is the dark chocolate and tangy crème anglaise. $8.50 (2/10)
We cannot emphasize more again but the pork belly is a MUST ORDER. We suggest that if you are normal average adult eaters, order a main to share (pork belly!) or at least a dessert to just polish it off.
Reminder: Average waiting time from 7pm for dinner service is 45 mins to an hour. Probably longer for the weekends. So plan your trip accordingly.
Open Tues - Sun 530pm - 1030pm
Weekend & PH: 9am - 230pm, 530pm - 1030pm
Closed every Monday and last Tuesday of the month.
510, Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 (Bishan Park 1)
Singapore 569983
Tel: +65 64595743
(No reservations.)

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