Sunday, November 03, 2013

Le Gluttony @ CHIJMES

Le Gluttony is a food market featuring local F&B entrepreneurs while showcasing Singapore’s local arts talents through their film and music. Their purpose is to act as a breakthrough opportunity for local food entrepreneurs, film makers and musicians.
Le Gluttony recently also organized “Gluttony at Singapore Night Festival” in August.
Doing their part to support local entrepreneurs in the F&B industry, anyone who knows of small or private businesses, the organisers of Le Gluttony hope you could contact them directly.
The weather wasn’t all that perfect that day but the warmth of the vendors and the quality of food and products introduced definitely made our day.

Mrs Cupcakes

Mrs Cupcakes were great to start with. Their speciality was their ice cream cupcakes. Their good mix of ice cream and cupcake base made it really worthwhile. A recommended flavour is the Red Velvet Ice Cream cupcake. The cream cheese and red velvet base cake was a treat!
As for the normal cupcakes, the cake case is not just a normal vanilla base as with others. If they tell you it’s a banana walnut cupcake, the sponge is banana walnut. We tried the banana rum butterscotch and the pandan kaya coconut. Pleasantly good and unique.
Be prepared to pay a little more for these, but we are sure that you will find it worthwhile.
SherKitchen Macaroons

To be fair, we had the macaroons after the cupcakes. The sweetness of the macaroons could be overly sweet. We loved the texture and the flavours of the macaroons. One of the fleshiest macaroons we have had, they are available in sweet or savoury flavours. A few flavours to try are their green tea, champagne macaroons and blueberry creamcheese. To the daring few, try their bak kwa, chicken floss and mango chicken macaroons. Interesting!
One additional thing to note is their macaroon buffet. The layout is really nice and you can check more of this on their facebook page!
Yummy Viet

To be fair, Yummy Viet's stall food tasting took place at a point where the rain poured down and caused problems to our food tasting. We had to takeaway some of their food to taste instead. Of their large selection of popular Vietnamese food we tasted their Fresh springrolls and Fried springrolls.
Albeit the food were freshly prepared by authenthic Vietnamese, we found the thick skin of the springrolls tipped the balance on the tasty meat on the inside. We will however do a more detailed food tasting in the future at their restaurants and bring to you their wonderful selection of food.
Their restaurant can be found at
Knead to Eat

This bunch of ladies were incredible in their passion towards the food they prepare. Found nestled in Changi Business Park, it is amazing how much meat they put into their sandwiches. To top it off the bread used was also very tasty and fresh! The sandwich is so good. So good. Soooo good! Sauce. Bread. Meat. Freshness. Enough said. We would travel to have their sandwich!
Uncle G Handmade

This couple definitely have some creativity and quality at hand. The “Witch Fingers” were surprisingly realistic for this Halloween party. This baked parmesan cheese has a tad bit heavy handed in the amount of cheese in the recipe but would be a great party opener. Their Crispy Pork Belly were indeed crispy. The meat could be slightly saltier however would be a healthier option for those with lower tolerance to their blood pressures.
 Creations made with love
Bear Bites

The last on our tasting spree, the novelty of this product was the flavoured bear pawed buns. The buns are imported from Taiwan directly by the owner and the meat freshly deep fried to a golden crisp. The buns were steamed to perfection and the flavours to choose from is wide enough that we are sure you would find one to your liking. Recommended flavour is the milk bun. The brown sugar bun might not be for everyone.
Innovative and creatively juicy!

We would like to thank the organisers of Le Gluttony for organising this food tasting and all the vendor owners for their kind time in explaining their food and the motivation for starting up. Foodprints wish them all the best in their endeavour in chasing their passion!

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