Sunday, February 06, 2011

Professor Brawn Cafe 2

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Pumpkin Soup - A bit too thin for my liking but I guess it is the healthier choice. The taste and flavours of the pumpkin is quite subtle, good for those who don't  really like pumpkin but still want the full goodness of the golden fruit.

Chicken chop in truffle sauce - A quick sidenote. The wedges are absolutely fantastic. I am not sure if they are made fresh or from frozen packages. But a delight. Chicken chop is well cooked. The skin is crispy and do not have the burnt taste that comes from cooking on a "too-hot" surface. Truffle taste in the sauce, tasted weird to me. I love truffles, but somehow this sauce did not work out for me. And I can't put a finger to it.

Fish and Chips - Good old dish. Love the batter and how nicely the fish is fried. Still moist and cooked to perfection. Seldom do you find fish and chips of this great quality. Simple but hard to master and Prof Brawn got it right.

We shared a double scoop. Absolutely delicious ice cream from New Zealand. Most of the flavours are awesome. Really.

238 Thomson Road #02-78/79 Velocity @ Novena Square Singapore
+65 6253 4650

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