Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wild Honey 2

Tunisian. A bit too spicy for my liking. But baked eggs are the bomb.

I would have liked it a bit more tomato-ey. Just like how I like my chilli crab.

Never had the Pancakes before, so decided to give it a good. Plus points, they come with back bacon!

The berries compote is too sourish for me. Maybe I just don't like berries compote. I would have loved fresh cream served with my pancakes, but they were not available here.

So so.... and I still think Wild Honey is abit overpriced. And there is always a long queue.


  1. there are much better brunch places out there with affordable prices such as prive bakery, cafe hacienda, food for thought, Epicurious cafe. Although wild honey is slightly overpriced, it has this alluring factor which make people keep going back. haha

  2. would be great if you could also post the prices of the dishes you order :)

  3. Yo. the prices can be found on my first posting on Wild Honey!


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