Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ramen Play - 313@Somerset

This had been the talk for awhile with the BreadTalk group venturing into Japanese cuisine and Ramen Play is the latest addition to the growing food empire.

The menu offers a mini-version of their more popular ramen, very much the same concept as the Yokohama Ramen Museum, designed for those who wants to sample the different tastes on offer. 

Mini Value Combo
The gyoza is part of the mini value combo ($12.80) that the wife ordered. The set includes a Mini Miso Ramen (5 other flavours to choose from), Mini Gyoza (3pcs) and a drink of your choice. A local bank have a promotion going on when we visited in June where you get a mini gyoza (3pcs) with every order of a normal size ramen.

The gyoza is decent, slightly too oily for our liking. The Japanese dipping sauce of soy and, I swear I tasted something citrus cuts through the grease and added a slightly uplifting taste to the appertiser. Thin skin with the right amount of filling. Good start to the meal. (3/5)

The size of the mini ramen as seen here. The serving is just right for a small eater, with the gyozas and drink. The egg is slightly overcooked in the center and it did not have the classic runny yolk which I think all good ramen joint should master. The miso was a tad too salty for us. Overall, the noodles tasted separated from the soup. (3/5)

The best seller is the Sanpou Ton Ramen (3 treasures pork ramen). The ramen ($14.80) comes with slow simmered tonkutsu broth with braised pork loin, pork belly and pork cheeks. The pork cheeks is the clear winner and is obviously the start of this dish (joint). In fact, I like it better than the one served at Santouka, Orchard Central, as the pork cheeks served at Ramen Play had the right amount of soy to it. The noodles were springy and resilient to bite, the way I like it. The broth though was a bit disappointing. It can be thicker and could have packed more punch into it. (3.5/5)

This place is crowded on normal meal times, mostly with families and the younger crowd but the service is swift and good. Although some reviews had branded as fast-food ramen, I personally think that it is a notch better. 

A definite good dining experience with decent food quality. 

Ramen Play
Tel: +65 6634 0051

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