Monday, July 19, 2010

Bread Society

Because of new commitment and scheduling, it had become a necessity for us to have a pre-dinner, or light snack before going home for late for the usual dinner. So we had been eating on the go with bread the most frequent choice for us.

I just loooooooove bread. The smell of bread baking in the oven refreshes my senses, it just allow me to forget about everything for a moment and just bask in the heavenly smell and homely feel. Most people have comfort food, and this is my comfort smell. :)

There had been a slew of bakeries mushrooming throughout our city state. One of which is Bread Society. It is another creative food outlet of the BreadTalk group. Even though this branch of the growing BreadTalk tree carries two creative chefs from Japan, they are mostly rustic European bakes.

Black Sesame Society

Think hotdog bun served with a generous feeling of black sesame cream. The roasted black sesame sprinkled on top of the bun adds the crunch and the aroma is totally out of the world. Bread is soft (Japanese fluffy kind of soft) and the cream is slighty sweet and carried the nuttiness and sweetness of the black sesame. $1.50 The result? Boomz. Totally rocked my socks. (4.5/5)

Coffee Almond

Again, the bread is soft, with the right amount of bite. The white stuff taste like white chocolate, flavoured with a good balance of coffee flavour. The sliced almonds, roasted, finished the taste by adding crunch and character. $1.50. Love it. This particular bread is available at BreadTalk outlets too. (4/5)

Strawberry Cream Cheese

The cube bread is just intriguing, visually. Makes you wonder how they make the perfect cube shapes. They have three flavours available and we opted to buy this version. The cream cheese strangely tasted closed to crumpled feta cheese and in my opinion, didn't really mix well with the strawberry jam. My idea of cream cheese had always been set by the Kraft version. Overall, it tasted ok. But at $1.60, I thought it would had packed more punch. Looking forward to tasting the chestnut and yam version. (3/5)

Another Creative Food Outlet from BreadTalk Group, with over 50 varieties, including traditional bread loaves available. It will be a long time before we go through all the breads available. And we are not complaining.

Bread Society
Orchard Ion

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