Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I love breakfasts. Especially weekend breakfasts where you are in no rush to go to work and can just enjoy the morning sun as the world slowly wakes up. Magical. And what's better than to complement that feeling with a breakfast, with eggs.

Hatched at Evans Road had created the opportunity to re-live that feeling, all day. They serve all day breakfast and the main ingredient, as the name suggest is eggs!

Bacon Rap (Starter)

Bacon Rap, a creative twist to the name, (w)rap, geddit? Ha. It is simply a chunk of mozarella cheese wrapped in slightly saute bacon, served with fig jam. The cheese was slightly cold to my liking and the bacon could had been crispy-ier. The sweet fig jam though is a great complement to the saltiness of the bacon and cheese. A good start to a meal.

Philly (Scrambled Eggs)

Omelette filled with tender juicy strips of beef and topped with a chunk of cream cheese. I did not get to taste it but my friend gave it a thumbs up! You can just imagine the semi-liquid scrambled eggs with the juicy meat with the creamy cheese. Slurp!

Mini drumlets (not in menu)

 Strangely, I cannot find this on the menu anymore. Could be one of the several items on the big blackboard. The drumlets, clearly from frozen parts, can be missed. Luckily we shared it as a group. Nobody wanted the last piece. 

Hot Chocolate

We ordered the hot chocolate while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive. It was normal with nothing to complain, or to shout about. It seems that cocoa powder was used instead of real melted chocolate, at least it tasted that way.

Sausage Platter

The sausage platter took a LOOOOONG time to arrive. Considering that this was the only warm dish that we ordered while waiting. Not sure if there was a mis-communication between the floor and the kitchen or the sausages were being de-frosted. Nevertheless, the sausages did arrive warm. A platter of chorizo, garlic and tomato & herb sausages, they don't count as gourmet, but tasty enough as a pre-dinner treat. The chorizo is a tad bit too spicy though.

Popeye's Salute
One of the three variants of Egg Benedict on offer. Poached egg served with wilted spinach (the reason for the name of this dish) on toasted English muffin. Home-made mash and grilled tomatoes complete the meal. The eggs are poached perfectly with runny yolk that combines superbly with the hollandaise sauce. The home-made mash, which is ever present for a lot of their dishes, is plain, even though I appreciate the absence of unhealthy gravy.

Pancake Party

They actually forgot our pancake order and we had to ask for it again. Served with a choice of caramelised apple, blueberry or rosewater strawberries, it makes a good dessert, if you still have space for it. Pancakes were fluffy and nicely toasted. The combination of maple syrup and fresh butter cream is simply heavenly.

Papillote (Scrambled eggs)

The star of the scrambled eggs section. The bright hued smoke salmon combined superbly with the scrambled eggs within and the sour cream on top. Think sandwich, and substitute the bread with smoked salmon.

Smoked Royale & Sir Benedict

The other two choices of Egg Benedict available at Hatched. Smoked Royale has smoked salmon instead of spinach and Sir Benedict has BLACK FOREST HAM. The black forest ham totally blown me away. A tad smoky and just enough salt in the ham goes superbly with the poached eggs, muffin and hollandaise sauce. One gripe for the benedicts for me is that the items served all felt very separated, although they taste great. The serving of mash and the rest just didn't come together for me. I would had preferred some rocket salad.

Overall a decent meal, although slightly pricier than other brunch places. But hey, it serves breakfast and eggs throughout the day and it is good enough reason to visit if you have the sudden breakfast craving.

One dish that I will order on the next visit is the Le Rossini. Enjoy the best of both worlds with classic scrambled eggs dressed in decadent foie gras, drizzled with truffle oil, atop Ciabatta bread, served with sautéed potatoes with caramelised onions. Or at least share this artery-clogging wonder with my friends.

And yes, I heard they have a hugh selection of imported beer too.

26 Evans Road
#01-06 Evans Lodge
Tel: +65 6735 0012
Closed on Mondays

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