Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rong Liang Restaurant

This place had to be amongst the favourite roast duck joint for us as undergraduates. Living on-campus has it's perks of having the chance to eat the good stuff on offer near the school. And what best to do just that with your mates who lives just a door away. And we are always on the hunt for good food.

One of these places got to be Rong Liang Restaurant at Clementi West St 2, located in the cluster of HDB flats opposite Ginza Plaza.

Salted Vegetable & Duck Soup

This place offers stoup steamed in metal bowls with a choice of up to 10 types of soups, at a affordable price of $2. Packing with flavours, the soups delivers the home-goodness that we hostelites crave for once in awhile. Most of the soups are decent and we usually share a bowl between the two of us. (3.75/5)

Steamed Rice

The rice is almost always slightly overcooked for my personal liking. I prefer the grains to be a little bit more dry and more bite. But then again, all those roasted stuff may had called for a serving of rice which is a little bit more moist. The gravy is just awwweeesooome. Thick, flavourful and not too overly salty, it is the perfect complement to the good old plain white rice. Sounds cliche, but you can eat a whole bowl (or more) of rice just with this gravy. (3.5/5) Noodles can be ordered instead of rice.

Roasted Duck
This had to be one of the better servings of roasted duck I ever had. Succulent, moist and very fragrant, it is served with a plum sauce that lifts the taste of the meat to beyond great-ness. Did I mention that the skin is roasted to the right crispiness too? I swear I got the crackling sound as I bit into some parts of the meat.We ordered a serving for two, combining with roasted porked and char siew, which cost us $7.60. Do state that you would not like drumstick to get a bigger cut of the roasted duck. (5/5)

Roasted Meat and Char Siew

The roasted meat is tasty but not the tops that I had tasted. Roasted to crispiness but the meat could had been better marinated. Slightly dry to taste but still above average. (3.75/5) The char siew on the other had is great! I love the slightly sweeter version of this chinese barbequed meat and Rong Liang do BBQ their char siew perfectly with some charred parts specked around. The meat is moist and more often that not, you will get a cut with the right level of fats. Simply wonderful. (4.5/5)

Vegetable with Oyster Sauce

Just to add fibre and greens to the meal. At $2 you get a good amount of vegetables with nice crispy fried scallions and a good dollop of scallion oil and oyster sauce. Simple yet good tasting, but a tad bit oily. But it did complete the meal. (3.75/5)

Rong Liang offers the usual wanton noodles, shredded chicken noodles and stuff and also serves the usual zi char at night too.

Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd
BLK 725 Clementi West St 2
Tel: +65 6773 0693


  1. passed by this place a few weeks ago while looking for a place to have dinner... thanks to your pic of the restaurant, i now know it's rong liang :D

  2. you are welcomed! love the place!

  3. It's awesome! Thanks for the recommendation! The char siew and roasted pork simply melts in the mouth! If you take organs, try the pig organ soup!

  4. Thank you Alicia! We love sharing great places to eat! :)


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