Monday, April 12, 2010


Been awhile since my last post. I have to admit that my focus was shifted to somewhere else. Now that I have better aligned myself, it is down to building up our food escapades.


Prego has got to be one of our favourite Italian restaurant. And it helps that we are using the Feed-At-Raffles card, courtesy of AMEX. Otherwise, we probably would not had visit as often.

This gotta qualify as one of our favourite breads served in restaurants. The bread is freshly baked and served with a cold salsa dip. We do prefer eating the warm bread with the classic extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar mix. Wonderful start to a meal. (4/5)

It is not very often that we order starters but we were feeling hungry and had a craving for good old Italian ham. The Parma Ham & Rock Melon starter ($27) came with a serving of rocket leaves and balsamic fig. Very interesting contrast as all tastes were covered. The sweet melon, savoury ham, bitter rocket and the sour-sweet balsamic fig jam, all come together gives varied layers of tastes. Intriguing. (4.5/5)

The missus ordered the Malloreddus Campidanese ($36) or the gnocchetti pasta served with pork sausage sauce. It tasted a tad too tangy for our taste-buds and the sausage slices were hardly present. This is a very boring dish. (2.5/5)

I ordered the Ravioli Ombrina E Carcio ($36) for myself. Basically it is ravioli with seabass and portobello sauce. Very creamy sauce and the strong taste of mushroom goes really well with the seafood inside the pasta. This comes in 3 big raviolis and probably not feel the stomach of a normal man. Even at half price, it is still not value for money, although it taste really good. (3.75/5)

Love the pizzas and lamb served at Prego on our previous visits. The tiramisu is also decent, though not spectacular.

Will definitely re-visit again... as long as I hold the 1-for-1 offer.

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