Sunday, March 28, 2010

Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah, 龍發豆沙饼

Indulging in organic produce is a expensive affair, where effects are (supposedly) long term. It's like a far horizon investment. You don't know what exactly you will get at the end of the day, but you know it's good for you.

I am busy now. Very busy. But happy.

This tau sar piah store had been one of my personal favourites from the list of the eateries that my parents used to frequent. Better document them before they disappear or become overly commercialised. My parents became fast friends with owners of Loong Fatt (龍發) TSP because we used to have a shop just a couple of units down the row. 

And yes, they specialise in TSP, both sweet and salty. What stands out is the buttery pastry shell that the TSP offers. Very fragrant and crumbly when bitten into. They taste great when hot (just out of the oven) and yet, still retains the flavour, texture and shape even after a few days. They usually don't last too long in my house. The sweet filling is smooth and with just the right level of sweetness. It tasted more like lotus paste than tau sar. But who's complaining? The salty filling is very different. Somewhat crumbly, the taste reminds me of salted egg yolk, which goes really well with the crumbly crust. Personally I prefer the sweet version while the wife loves the savoury one. The tsp sells for 70 cents each. (4.75/5)

I see tins of margarine around in the kitchen. Not sure if they used margarine instead of butter in their pastry. 

Don't you just love those chairs? Really rustic feel. Besides TSP, the other highlight for me was the custard puffs (or cream puffs as they called it, but it's custard) was unfortunately sold out. Sugar rolls, mini pies and butter cakes are also available, all at 70 cents. From the rate they fly off the shelves during the time we were there, they should be quite good. The coffee and tea is also great. Perfect company to the pastry snacks.

And here's the woman (left) that holds the fort in the shop. She has a bad leg now and can't stand for too long at one go. But she is still very passionate about her bakes. She now employs quite a number of PRC workers to roll the dough and make the goods while she stands watch with her eagle sharp eyes.

Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah
639 Balestier Road (Corner Shop)
Singapore 329922

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