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Truly a matter of "Your map is not the territory." It is interesting how certain personnel behave, for their own gains and put pressure on the vulnerable, or naive. And you have to salute those who stands up and be counted, and those who are willing to change their behaviour for the better of a fellow man, regardless of the potential personal loss or sacrifices. And all this make us human. It's a choice to be a decent one or not.

Better things will come. I am sure.

This is our first visit to Canton-i after so many visits to Orchard Ion.  I had a chance to visit the place with a group of friends but had to pass it on because of other commitments. So, it's the revenge of the pancakes this time round. With the missus of course.

The place was empy except for a tourist couple as we walked in at 515pm. Lucky though as their dim sum menu stops at 530pm. The place was delicately decorated with chinese motifs with colourful panels of chinese silk lying the walls. A bright fascade made the place looked big. Overall a very comfortable setting.

Braised peanut and the chilli paste. Something you have to taste. It's like the simplest dish but a good pre-cursor to the standards of the kitchen. The braised peanuts were nicely flavoured with five spice, a tad bit salty for my liking though (3.5/5). Chilli paste is as good as the one you can get at Imperial Palace or Crystal Jade (4/5). A good start to our dinner!

How can we miss out on the congee in a Cantonese restaurant? We ordered the sliced fish and meat congee($7.80). It came served with a separate plate of sliced dough fritters, a nice move for those who don't like the oily taste in the congee and for those who love their dough fritters crunchy to bite in with the congee. The rice was cooked to smooth perfection, almost silky. The cuts of cuttlefish was just the right size to bite into and the meat gave a very fresh taste to the congee. The fish was a little fishy though but overall a good tasting experience. (3.75/5)

We wanted to taste the "Big Three" of Cantonese roast, the duck, pork belly and char siew and thus pass on the wanton for Roasted Duck Noodles ($8.80). Springy noodles were nicely seasoned with soy sauce and onion oil with the chilli paste a great companiant to it. You can taste the slight hint of prawns in the broth that the noodles were cooked in. Very nicely done indeed. The roast duck was roasted to the right crispiness although the seasonings could had been better. I felt it could had come with a little more bite in the spices. (4/5)

The 双拼 of roasted pork belly and char siew ($16.80) was up to mark. The skin of the pork belly was roasted to a very nice crisp and the meat was adequately season, yet not overbearing. A indulgence worth having once in a whilte. (4.25/5) The char siew was great! Very nice consistency in the sauce and not overly sweet as some other places would serve it. The spices used were the right balance and most importantly the proportion of fats and meat was perfect with the meat grilled to superb tenderness. Would have liked to have more charred bits though. (4.75/5) Nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed this dish!

We couldn't resist ordering the yam puffs as it is my personal favourite. The art of making the GREAT yam puff is disappearing and I had yet to taste one that blows me away. The yam puffs here ($3.50) came in long thin fritters, like a nest., Very nice visually but it added to the oiliness of the puffs. The yam was grated to a smooth paste and yet have enough bite in them to taste the yumminess of the tuber. The filling of minced meat sauce was a good compainiant but it didn't blow me away. A good dish but could had been better. Overall it was too oily for me. (3.5/5) And so the search for the perfect yam puff continues.

After getting blown away by the custard bun at Imperial Treasure. This was a must-order. The custard bun came in purple coloured skin (yam flavoured) was lent a hint of pandan-ness to the bun. ($4.80) The custard, as expected was nice and runny with the rich taste of butter and salted egg yolk. It is the sweeter version of that from Imperial. Overall a great tasting dessert bun nevertheless but I still like the savoury version from Imperial. (4.25/5)

Overall a good dining experience and this place has it own weapons to rival that of Imperial Treasure and Crystal Jade. Price wise they are comparable which is good for consumers like us! :)

2 Orchard Turn
#03-14 Ion Orachard

Tel: 6-509-8368

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