Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wild Honey

Breakfast had always been my favourite meal of the day. And eggs have to be my favourite. They are so versatile, and comes in all forms and shapes. To add to that, they are super nutritious. Mum's half boiled eggs, something you can never replicate, with all those doses of love. Yummmmmms. 

Came across this shop selling NZ organic eggs. Pricey though. Hmm.. I wonder how different organic eggs taste like. Sweet?

We had been keen to visit Wild Honey for a couple of times, but somehow it never worked out. It is a pity that they do not take reservations, especially important when we wanted to visit for a weekend brunch. All 12 of us. Can't afford to be standing in the long queue, with a baby in toll. Second time, it was overcrowded. Like crazy. And so the wife ended up with her friend at Jones located upstairs.

We were so determined to make it this time round that we woke up especially early, to catch it right at the opening hour. We were pleased to see only 2 tables taken when we arrived at 9:30am. :)

We were greeted by very nice service staff at the door who showed us to our table. We had a choice of the comfy couch or the normal tables and we settled for the tables as the sofa looks too slow to eat our food comfortably. 

Orders and payment are done at the counter where the menu is written on a blackboard. They serve all day breakfasts and they are named by regions, countries or cities. There are 2 ipods at the counter should you need visual guidance. Order, pay and return to your seats and await the arrival of the food!

The drinks tasted fantastic. I ordered Mocha Latte ($7) and the wife had the Caramel Latte ($7). Both were exceedingly fragrant and not overly sweet. You know the sickening after-taste that lingers in your throat if the coffee is over enthused with saccharine? I personally hate that but the lattes we had here had to be one of the best we ever had. Aromatic and mellow. (4.5/5)

They have brown and white sugar cubes on the table. Not that it was needed as the coffee were of the right level of sweetness. Probably for the teas.

Waiting for the food while the wife acts shy in front of the camera. :P

Cheryl has several favourites for breakfast and among them is the bagel. (We had a couple of great bagels in Tokyo, which we will post later.) So she couldn't resist the I Love New York ($24) when she saw it on the menu. Toasted sesame bagel was served with smoked sturgeon, caramelised onions, scrambled eggs and cherry tomatoes. And of course the all important cream cheese. Parts of the scrambled eggs were still runny and is a absolute delight. The smoked sturgeon wasn't outstanding for me as it tasted just like smoked salmon. The bagel was nicely toasted with the sesame adding the nutty crunch to it. Delightful with the cream cheese. (4/5)

And how can we miss out on the eggs benedict? Even though there was the very enticing Japanese and Canadian (meals) on the menu. Check out the menu here. So the European ($18), which is the eggs benedict was chosen. The poached eggs and prosciutto came on a thick slice of country bread. I am a sucker for prosciutto, makes me feel less guilty than when I have the usual bacon. The hollandaise sauce was ok with the right tartness from the lemon juice and the right consistency. I would had liked it a bit warmer though. The bread was a delight! Fluffy and sweet. And although it looks small, it is absolutely filling because of it's thickness. Don't under-estimate it. The poached eggs were disappointing though. Both of the eggs came with the egg yolks cooked through. No runny yolks for eggs ben? :( (3.75/5)

As we finish our meal, customers were starting to stream in. Overall it was a good meal with the coffee saving the day. A tad pricey as we spent $65.91 for brunch, but a return visit is on the cards. 

Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road #03-02
Mandarin Gallery


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