Friday, February 12, 2010

Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin

Most people want to be happy and yet not many know how to. It is interesting in the course of my learning journey, this is one of the things that really struck me the most. And I have been benefiting from it. Well, I came to learn (and believe) that happiness is actually a state. A state of our emotions. Which means to say, we can decide to be happy. Or not. The key word here is 'decide'. Just decide, "I am happy." and behave as if you are happy, talk the way you talk when you are happy, act the way you act when you are happy, breathe the way you breathe when you are happy... and you will be happy! The key thing is, decide to be happy. Feel good for no good reasons. You deserve to be happy. So... decide to be happy!

So I am feeling happy writing this post and at the same time talking to a friend in the States. Feeling happy for him and all the farm produce that he has available to cook with. Lucky ass.

So, the missus and I are attending language lessons and it gave us the opportunity to eat out. Something which albeit all these entries, we do not too frequently. So it's a good 'us' time.

We went to Japan for our honeymoon (sort of) and is missing good Japanese cuisine. So we had to satisfy our palate. And tonkatsu is the choice.

This is the Special Katsu Don (ala carte) (SGD12.90). Great! Almost as good as what we had in Japan. It had the right level of saltiness and the egg was nicely cooked with the yolk warm, but still liquid. The cutlet was nicely fried and the meat was juicy with the outside breadcrumbs crispy. Rice was at the right temperature and as Japanese rice, tasted sweet. A combination of all these with the soft sweet onion, an enjoyable treat indeed! Greatly satisfied our cravings. One down point had to be the design of the spoon. It is too big to stuff the whole thing into my mouth. You had to scoop the rice (and egg, pork...) with the spoon and instead of putting it straight into the mouth, you gotta use the chopsticks to nudge them in. Maybe it's done on purpose so that the customers don't wolf down the food. 

And lucky there was this! Katsu Curry (SGD13.40). Both of us wanted the Katsu Don and luckily the Katsu Curry caught our eye. We thoroughly enjoyed our Japanese curry back in Tokyo and this is our bid to relive those magical moments. Well, almost. The cutlet and rice are just as nice as the Katsu Don's and we do really like the curry. The correct balance of sweet and savoury with the curry flavour at the right level. Great! The only disappointment was the miso soup that came with it. There were bits of meat but the flavour just couldn't match up to the mains.

Overall a good meal and a reasonable price! Totally satisfied our cravings and we will definitely be back for more of these Japanese lovelies.

Tonkatsu Ginza Bairun
Orchard Ion
2 Orchard Turn

Tel: 6-509-8101
Opens: 1100 - 2230 (Last orders: 2200)

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