Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lunch @ Jones the Grocer (Mandarin Gallery)

Mrs Pancakes met up with Ms O for lunch for a catchup session. Wanted to try out Wild Honey but there was a long queue and the girls were hungry. Proceeded to Jones the Grocer one floor up since Mrs Pancakes heard so much about it.

The place was relatively cosy and quiet, good for catching up.Mrs Pancakes ordered the Jones Traditional English Breakfast and a Peaches and cream milkshake. Ms O had the Confit Chicken and a soda drink.

First came the drinks. Mrs Pancakes' Peaches and Cream Milkshake was a delight. Definitely cured her of her sweet craving.

It took a while for the main course to be served. The
Jones Traditional English Breakfast came with poached eggs (which can be opted for scrambled egg or sunny side up), sausages, 2 slices of bread, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes. The eggs were a little overcooked and more sour than usual. However the bread was well toasted and bacon was not too salty, the way the Pancakes like it. The sausages tastes just ok. Mrs Pancakes enjoyed the mushrooms and tomatoes though. Will try the mushroom rissoto next time round.

Mrs Pancakes had a taste of Ms O's Cajun Chicken. The chicken was tasty but a little dry. Would have enjoyed it more if it were more tender.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience with great company.


  1. Pity there was a queue at Wild Honey.. The food there is good!

  2. Its a pity.. but I will be back the next time!


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