Friday, February 19, 2010

Coffee Club @ Raffles City

Mrs Pancakes, Ms W and Ms G had a birthday celebration for Ms G at Raffles City. Settled for Coffee Club since Mrs Pancakes had a pasta craving.

The place was not very crowded on a Friday evening compared to the other restaurants on basement level.

Ms G and Mrs Pancakes arrived first and decided to order first. Mrs Pancakes ordered a mushroom soup and a pasta dish which had chef's recommendation (can't remember the exact
name of the dish but it had penne, fish and lobster sauce), Ms G ordered baked rice and both had a caesar salad to share.

The presentation of the mushroom soup was appetising and the soup was alright with mushroom bits in it.

Next, the salad came in a nice cheesy bowl which was an interesting touch to the dish.

The pasta and the baked rice were disappointing though, with the fish tasting a little fishy for Mrs Pancakes' taste and the baked rice was too soggy, in Ms G's words, it tasted like porridge.

The girls will not end dinner without dessert and ordered their favourite mudpie. Still a must have at Coffee Club!

Service staff were not very friendly and made us feel like they were in a hurry to close shop half an hour before closing time. Overall not a very pleasant experience. Had better service at the Takashimaya outlet.

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