Friday, February 26, 2010

Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House

Mr Pancakes finds himself somewhat stretched too thinly. Maybe it's time to re-align and just focus on that few things as he do not have so many 10,000 hours to master what he really wants to do. Anyway, happy occasion over CNY as Mr Sailor's baby princess arrived (in time to collect ang pow). So super cute. And she didn't cry a lot. Amazing.

Congrats to Mr Sailor. Superb. And wedding bells galore this year. I am booked for three of them already. And all three are good friends. March, May and July. Two months apart. Enough time to save up. Weddings are wonderful things don't you think. Just like having new-borns. With blissful feelings and genuine laughters. Looking forward to attending the events. Oh yes. And to add to them, Mr SP's daughter's one year old party (AT THE SAIL!!!!!) and Mr Sailor's princess one-month-old celebrations. Aww..... March gotta be a sweet sweet month.

Mr G posted photos of his last visit to Imperial Treasure and Mr Pancakes was totally intrigued by it. So we decided to go together! Somehow Mr G volunteered to give us a treat because of his birthday/ him being unable to disturb nei's bed celebrate CNY at nei's parents, and so, yay!

The fried carrot cake was soft and delightful, with little treasures of lup cheong in it. Not too oily and fried to a crisp on the outside. The prawns in beancurd skin tasted like what it should taste like. Good, as most dim sum restaurants would serve them.

Due to the lack of communications, Mr Pancakes ordered steamed ribs and Mr G ordered the zhu chang fen with ribs ($6). They are the same, if you are wondering. Not too bad a mistake though as the pork ribs were succulent and tasty. One of Mr Pancakes favourite dim sum dish.

And who can leave out siew mai and har kaw when having dim sums? Mr Pancakes particularly like the siew mai. Juicy and just enough seasoning to allow you to taste the freshness of the prawns.Simply delicious. The har kaw on the other hand were good, as in how they should be served.

The deep fried pig intestine (~$6) was well seasoned and... clean. Mr Pancakes still prefer the one at Mac Pherson's road. The congee ($7.20 - $13.80) had good consistency and nicely cooked to the correct stickiness. However, Mr Pancakes' mud carp balls could had been done up better with less flour used. The rice roll with spinach and prawns is nice to the palate but nothing special to shout about.

The noodles with prawn roe ($7.20) was absolutely delightful! Albeit a little on the pricey side. The noodles for springy and cooked just right. Superb hongkong egg noodles. Mr G ordered the pig's fore shank noodles ($10.50) which was great too. The fore shank was slowly cooked and the meat simply melts in your mouth. And not too salty too and the five spices were delightfully balanced and not overpowering. Mr KC's shrimp dumpling noodles ($7.30) tasted... normal. The dumplings of course had fresh shrimps (like those used in all their dim sum). 

Not only do Imperial Treasure serves HongKong dim sum, they have a good list of Shanghai snacks of which we picked the xiao long bao and the guo tie. I must say the xiao long bao is almost as good as that of Crystal Jade, juicy and sweet with paper thin skin. (validation of the urban legend of the chef's migration?) The guo tie was a tad too oily but the fillings is well made and seasoned.

And the stars of the day gotta be these two buggers. The custard bun with salted egg yolk is a MUST MUST MUST try. Rich, runny and buttery yellow filling shot Mr Pancakes right up to the skies. And even though we were totally blotched by the end of the meal, this one thing Mr Pancakes would have space for in the stomach. Anytime. Simply heavenly. The egg tarts are also a must try. The egg custard was baked to the right firmness and the crusty shell is very well made. 

And yes, because Mr G paid for the meal, Mr Pancakes couldn't share some of the prices of the dishes here. But generally they are reasonably priced, at $3-4, with 3 or 4 servings, as what you would expect from dim sum restaurants.

Make reservations or expect to wait up to half hour for walk-ins.

Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House

2 Orchard Turn
Orchard Ion
Mon - Fri
11am - 10pm
Sat & Sun
1030am - 10pm


  1. freaking hell u ate soo much?!?!@?!?@ me going later.! haha

  2. haha. did you order the 'correct' stuff?

  3. omg, u seem like u have more taste than Dr I eAt!


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