Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Watami @ Orchard Ion

The need to re-focus on important things really geared Mr Pancakes into action. Let's just say that actions often bring reactions and Mr Pancakes is kinda sad that he got snubbed but at the same time happy that at least it pushes him in the right direction. Things happen for a reason and we often reap what we sow. And best of all, Mr Pancakes is enjoying his whole new routine. And it's only the first day!

The Pancakes visited Watami after reading all the hype about it. Mixed reviews all round and we just had to go and find out ourselves. And of course it helps that it is in the vicinity of the classroom and so there we go.

The cream croquette with crab and scallop ($5.80) had received rave reviews. It was served hot and creamy and makes a great appetiser calming the growling stomachs of the Pancakes. However, you can hardly find crab or scallops and when a small piece of scallop was found, it was disappointedly rubbery. A rating of 3/5 for this dish.

The Watami Salad ($7.80) comes with pieces of chicken breast and a generous helping of tuna in mayonaise. The greens were crisp and fresh. The dressing was served separately in the form of Japanese sesame dressing. Note to all, add the dressing sparingly. The Pancakes just dumped the whole saucer tray of it and the result, a fairly salty salad. And to add to that the tuna mayonaise is already salty on its own. Otherwise it is a good dish to order to provide your daily intake of greens. 3.75/5.

Mrs Pancakes had a craving for pizzas and so we ordered The Wafu Pizza ($7.80) which is essentially teriyaki chicken pizza. The pizza was cut into six pieces and there were EXACTLY six pieces of chicken breasts. It didn't help that the chicken breast slices were the same as those found in the Watami Salad served earlier, and it wasn't grilled with teriyaki sauce as what the Pancakes expected. Instead, the teriyaki sauce was drizzled all over the pizza. Taste-wise it was accepted, though the toppings of the pizza were a litte scarce. Or under-topped. 3.5/5.

Usually the Pancakes do not order drinks unless, it's something special. Well, this drink looked special on the menu but is nothing short of horrendous. The green tea with coconut milk shake ($6.80) was totally crap. The coconut milk tasted like it was from the supermarket packet-ed type and totally overpowered the whole drink. There was NOT a hint of taste of the green tea NOR the azuki beans. Horrible. You would expect something much more better with that kind of price. 0/5.

The other main besides the pizza we ordered was the Sushi Grandeur which is six pieces of sushi with scallop, unagi and salmon topping. No complains for the unagi, although the scallops and salmon tasted somewhat fishy. Could be the time of day (5pm) that we were having dinner. Generally ok tasting but did not totally enjoy it. 3/5.

Other than the drink that totally fail, the Pancakes had a filling dinner for $45.90 (for two). Casual dining and the food was simply average. Well, to be fair, at this kind of price, it is tough to serve quality Japanese fare.

Watami Singapore
B3-23 (near Burger King)
Ion Orchard

Tel: 6509-9366

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