Thursday, February 04, 2010

Clementi Food Market

Was back in NUS over the holidays to train handball with the boys. And it so happened that one of those days the car was not available so I had to lugged all the gear along. Well, I decided that why not make it a worthwhile journey by visiting our favourite dinner haunts? And so, I ended up at Clementi Food Center.... and realised that I could not finish all the 'favourites' in one sitting... alone.

There! I decided to have the Hokkien Mee for lunch and to pack the rest back to share with the family. The plate came quick (it was like 2pm? Lunch crowd had since dispersed). Alas! The taste was somewhat disappointing. One look over at the stall. Alamak! It's not the same old man... instead a young lady was frying the noodles. I remember the days where we had to wait damn long in the queue for this. Hmm... maybe he only works at night. Shall take a chance to go back at night, this time with friends to savour all the dishes again. 

I have not given up on this stall... yet.

The packed stuff.... 

Rojak. Great. Wasn't soggy even though we kept it for dinner. Nice toasted smell of the prawn paste and just the correct level of sweetness. My favourite rojak still remains Soon Heng Rojak at TPY even though they only reopen on 15 Mar.

Next up, the chicken cutlet.

The cutlet was fried to the right juiciness. And the sauce... THE sauce is unbeatable. Nice plum sauce, like what you will get for sweet and sour pork, less the ketchup. Ultimately fantastic. The sides could be better though. The fries and colesaw were just... normal. Found this other Tanglin Halt Western Food at Commonwealth Drive... shall go and taste the food there one day. And see who's better!

And braised mutton is next!

I had long wanted to buy this for Mum. She like mutton, only when done correctly. And this is one of the better non-Indian mutton cuisine I ever had. And yes! To my delight, the same Auntie is still there. Her sesame chicken is not bad too. Prices had since increased, now the mutton comes in a standard price of $5 instead of $3.50 and $4.50 a few years back. The spices and garlic-ky sauce is just superb, and the meat is braised so long that the meat slides off the bone! Simply heavenly. I find it a bit too salty but the rest of the family thinks it's fine. Goes superbly well with steamed rice.

And that concludes my short but fulfilling adventure at Clementi. And yes, who can forget the famous satay stall, which sells power bak kwa during the Chinese New Year. And yes, the fried oyster stall just next to it. Oh.. and the goreng pisang... and the porridge... arrggh... so many of them!

Decided not to pack it back as satay is the best when eaten 'live'. Next time.... I will be back.

Clementi Central Food Centre
BLK 448 Clementi Ave 3
#01-19: Nam Kee Hokkien Mee
#01-20: Tanglin Halt Western Food
#01-21: Chai Ho Satay
#01-23: Herbal Mutton Soup
#01-27: Clementi Rojak (backrow behind the #01-23)

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