Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice

Mr Sailor suddenly jio-ed for lunch at Tiong Bahru with Mr Nurse. Just nice Mr Pancakes was on leave and of course readily joined them.  Couldn't continue with Phase 2 (shooting games) but nevertheless, a good outing.

The rice was a tad bit soggy for Mr Pancakes, but the combination of the lor zup (braised sauce) and curry sauce was just right. The heat cuts right through the saltiness. A good start. The braised pork belly was tender and not overpowering. Good, even though not outstanding.

Next come the trio. The curry squid (sotong) was good, would had been great if it was still warm when served. The squid was fresh and the spices used in the curry is good. The giant meat balls had little bits of vegetables and spices added into them. Steamed and served with the dark sauce, they were flavourful, but yet again served cold. Mr Pancakes likes his food warm. The disappointing bit was the slow-cooked cabbage. It was not cooked through enough for the sugars to break down. The vermicilli was not the best touch too. 

The star of the stall had to be the pork chops. Served with a slightly tangy sauce, it totally lifted the dish. The pork chops were nicely seasoned and fried perfectly. It was not drenched in oil. Crispy. Nice.

The side dish. A great side I must add. Soft and tender. The joke on it was that it only sells well on Thursdays because the Curry Rice stall is closed on Thursdays.

The damage was $20 for the three of us. Good value considering the number of dishes we had. Not sure how much was the serving of duck, as Mr Sailor paid for it.

Worth a return visit. Do go early as the queue is crazy during lunch times.

Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice
BLK 57 Eng Hoon Street

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