Tuesday, January 05, 2010

TPY Escapade

Just came back from a long awaited holidays in Japan. On touch down day, went to crystal jade to celebrate little brother's birthday. FINALLY had the chance to order their 双皮奶. It is always not available. Nevertheless it was good. Very milky and the right level of sweetness. Taste very custard-y if there is such a word for it. :)

And yah. It looks like almond cream.

So the family decided to trot down to HDB Hub for a serving of the famous Soon Heng Rojak. It was definitely the correct decision. Waited almost 30minutes at 2:30pm in the afternoon. As we had a heavy lunch, we decided to pack two packets of $2 servings. And my God, was it good. Mr Pancakes went to fetch Mrs Pancakes from work and only had the chance to eat the rojak after 1 hour of packing it. Can you believe it, but the you tiao (dough fritters) and the tau pok (spongy bean curd) was still crispy!??! Mr Pancakes had the chance to have it hot on a previous occasion and he absolutely loved it. The prawn paste mixture is very fragrant and sweetness well balanced. The touch of lime juice gave a very uplifting taste to the whole mixture and the rojak didn't taste heavy. Steamed cuttlefish and kangkong with the usual tau kay (beansprouts) were also in the mix. And all this for $2!!! The crushed peanuts were beautifully roasted and a VERY generous helping was added. Heavenly.

I know. The photo doesn't give justice to a wonderful dish. But it was taken off the iphone in very poor lighting conditions. We were too eager to eat it. :)

And yes, the food court is under renovation from 31 Dec 2009 till 15 Mar 2010. And in the meantime the stall owners are taking a break and won't be opening a temporary stall. Have to wait till Mar to satisfy the superb rojak in TPY then....

Soon Heng Rojak
480 Lor 6 Toa Payoh
Gourmet Paradise Food Court
HDB Hub, Toa Payoh

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