Sunday, January 03, 2010

Relax Bistro

Mrs Pancakes' friends postponed the annual x'mas get-together to 1 Jan as the Pancakes were in Japan. After much discussion this place was decided. Nice, cosy bistro with only limited seating. Reservations is recommended for weekends. The executive chef, Mark, was real cool. Went around the tables, do some of the serving himself and generally talked to the customers (including us). Great guy.

The warm spinach salad came with big recommendations and so two sets were ordered. We shared the salad across the table eventually. The salad came with saute prawns in garlic, pine nuts and crispy bacon. Great combination and the tastes blended really well together without one or the other ingredients being over-powering. The salad could had been warmer but we were mostly happy with it.

Next up some appetizers. The foie gras on banana muffin was surprising. Never had this combination before. The banana muffins cuts into the fatty liver and accentuate the taste of it. Superb. The Pancakes did not eat the escargoes. Never liked snails. No complains from the girls so I guess it's ok?

For mains, the Pancakes ordered the sundried tomatoes pasta and grilled lamb. Both are highly rated and Mark personally recommended the pasta. It's from a recipe from a friend's mum. Simple yet tasty. And he claims not many places in Singapore has it. Or does it like he does it. We loved the pasta! Nicely done, al dente and with the right balance of acidity from the tomatoes and punch from the chillies. The lamb was good, should had ordered medium done-ness. The brown sauce that came with the lamb tasted very 'chicken' for some reason. Too much of the stock? Otherwise both mains are worth having. 

Salmon with asparagus, Chicken with pumpkin mash, Linguine Vongole and Beef with Potato Mash were the other mains ordered, which the Pancakes did not taste, looked decent. Not sure how they tasted. Mabel did comment that the Linguine Vongole is a tad dry, which Mr Pancakes agreed. More white wine stock may address that. But to each his own palate.

Desserts are worth having. The Pancakes and friends finds the brownie a bit too dry and nothing special about the profiteroles. The poached pear was a nice surprise. Refreshing.

The star of the night gotta be the tiramisu. Mark's personal recommendation, together with the creme brulee. Good fluffy mascarpone cheese mixture and a good dose of the alcohol in the biscuit fingers. Very like the ones the Pancakes make but fluffier. :) Will give the creme brulee a go on the next visit.

Overall a good meal. Works out to $40 per pax. Decent on account of the number of dishes we had. The waiting staff is patient and always carry a smile. And yes, we had a bottle of moscato to polish off a great meal. A gift from a great man. ;)

Will definitely go back again. And if Mark is around (he shuttles around), talk to him. A good chap and very passionate about his food.

Relax Bistro
313@ Somerset
313 Orchard Road

+65 6341-9978

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