Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Canopy @ Aramsa

Back from a long holiday and gearing up for some brunch. Met up with Mr Going-to-get-Married-in-July for brunch at Bishan Park and to pass him and his wife to be their wedding gifts.

It had been a long time since the Pancakes had poached eggs for lunch and by the recommendations from Chocolate Chip Cookies, decided to head down to the nearby park to have brunch.

The setting is very similar to Cafe Hacienda. White, rustic building with a inverted V roof. It made the Pancakes feel right at home with the paint scheme of white and dark timber brown. And we are happy that we made reservations to sit indoors as the sun was happily basking those outside on the first day of 2010.

Mr GTGMIJ came late. Old rules apply mate. But on account that you are getting married, we will let you off this time. :)

Contrary to some of the reviews, the service stuff were quite attentive and did not apply rude or aloof. They were mostly smiley and did respond quick enough when we called for their attention.

Mr Pancakes had the Chai Vanilla Latte while Mr GTGMIJ had this energy drink (apple and pineapple?). Apparently Mr GTGMIJ went with wife to be to catch the sunrise but was blocked by the low clouds. Ha. Neverthess, the drinks were decent. The Chai latte had a good balance of spice and vanilla. Great combination with the food that is to come.

Mrs Pancakes ordered chocolate tea with Ms GTGMIJ ordering chamomile.  The teas come with unlimited free refill. The chocolate tea tasted just like.... normal tea with a very slight hint of chocolate. Just stick to the normal earl grey or chamomile I supposed. They come from the same brand of teabags anyway.

We ordered the (from L-R) the Eggs Florentine, Honey Baked Ham on Bagel with Pineapple Salsa and the Any Eggs with Spinach and Sausages. Mr GTGMIJ ordered the Eggs Benedict, the only difference from Eggs Florentine is the smoked salmon and the ham.

The Eggs Florentine tasted great. Right balance of the hollandaise sauce with the eggs and the smoked salmon. Reminded us of the ones we had at Prive. The Honey Baked Ham on Bagel tasted very much like the Hawaiian Pizza. Not outstanding but good enough for a weekend brunch. The Pancakes did not have a taste of the sausages but no complains from Mr and Ms GTGMIJ so I guess they are fine.

The poached egg was cooked wonderfully perfect (at least to the pancakes). The egg yolks remained runny and surely added to the oomph of the dish. Delicate. And very tasty.

Mr Chocolate Chips Cookies did mention the buttermilk pancakes served at the Canopy is so-so only and thus the Pancakes did not give it a shot. Maybe for the next visit.

All in all, 4 drinks and 4 mains came up to a total of SGD100.05. Good value. And it's great to catch up with friends in the garden setting, in the air-conditioning of course. Love the garden and the huge windows.

The Canopy @ Aramsa
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Bishan Park II

+65 6556-1533

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