Saturday, January 16, 2010

L'ARTiSAN Bistro & Bar

Having made the failed attempt to rush down in time to register for classes the Pancakes decided to make the best out of the situation.  Since we had to go back again, might as well make the most out of our trip the next day. So the Pancakes decided to go to this bistro for lunch after Mrs Pancakes had done her research and recommended this place to her friends previously.

The location of the bistro was quite tough to find. It is in the side alley of the FRONT building of Orchard Towers. From the main Orchard Road, as you enter Orchard Towers, swing to your left and take the smaller corridor and you will see L'Artisan Bistro popping out. We walked the building at least twice before we located the place.

The hot Sunday afternoon definitely call for a nice cool glass of calamansi lemonade (SGD3.50). Worth a drink although it doesn't jump out to you. Great to wash down all the food that you are so going to have (enjoy).

A small cosy bistro and the waiting staff was quite friendly. She was ever ready to offer suggestions to the menu when we asked her what's nice. The bistro offers some interesting dishes which you can hardly find elsewhere. Mains like the goulash, smoked pork, uncommon fish (halibut) and various other meats are available.

The Pancakes decided to settle for the curry-wurst (pork) and tarte flabee (pizza).

We were the only customers at the bistro at 12noon. Understandable for a Sunday afternoon. And apparently they have quite a few dishes sold out the previous night, so the Pancakes are guessing that they are more popular for dinner. We ordered the L'Artisan tarte flambee (SGD11.50) which had the special blackforest ham. The pizza had a thin crust and the toppings were just the right amount. The black-forest ham is definitely interesting. Thinly sliced and slightly drier than the normal ham, it also carries a very nice sweet flavour as you chew into it. Overall a good package. We ordered the 10-inch pizza. It is available in 8-inch too.

Next up is the curry-wurst (SGD10) served with salad and potato salad. The pork sausage was juicy and taste is rightly balanced, unlike some joints which serve really salty sausages. The special curry sauce that was drizzled all over was a nice surprise. Mr Pancakes is guessing that it is a mixture of curry and ketchup (and probably some other spices). It does remind Mr Pancakes of the curry sauce from Mickey Dees. The potato salad was a tad too dry though.

Over the course of lunch, one of the staff (owner?) came in and asked after re-supplying their ingredients. They discussed about how much greens and beer to re-supply and at one point the chef pointed out that he did not want too much of either as he wants them at the freshest. And THAT is quality control. :)

To polish the whole meal off, the Pancakes couldn't resist an order of their dessert. Marinated Strawberries with vanilla ice cream (SGD12) was decided.

This reminds the Pancakes of the soaked strawberries of their own [here]. Nice concoction of rum and sugar to marinate the strawberries in. The ice-cream (home-made, I think) also gave a good balance.

The bistro is not as posh. It is somewhere in between bistros you see in the newer shopping malls and a nice cafe in the heartlands. The location at Orchard Towers may also affect some. Overall a nice experience. The Pancakes will definitely return for more runs as they begin their classes in Feb.

L'Artisan Bistro & Bar
400 Orchard Road
#01-11 Orchard Towers
Tel: 67334065

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  1. There is one at east coast. Werner's oven... the pretzel is good.


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