Friday, November 20, 2009

Aglio Olio

Chocolate Chip Cookies went to China Square for dinner in a peaceful and quiet setting. Though much raved about on forums, Aglio Olio was a disappointment for us.

We settled for a 2-pax dinner set which includes a small bottle of wine, a basket of garlic bread and chicken wings for sharing, 2 bowls of soup and 2 pastas or pizzas, all for $39.90++.

The chicken soup was just normal. any cafe could have produced this. Garlic bread wasn't too shabby as compared with the soup, but quite standard as well.

We aren't wine experts, but the red wine didn't go well with pasta for sure.

The chicken wings were terrible in our opinion, but thank goodness for the chilli sauce (off-the-shelf, not home-made). We started listing all the better chicken wings we've eaten elsewhere.

And now, the supposed-highlights of the meal - the pastas. There are 4 levels of spicy-ness to choose from. Chocolate Chip (who can't really take spicy) chose normal and I (self-proclaimed chilli padi) took spicy. Both pastas turned out slighty too hot for comfort, but certainly took the focus away from the disappointing pastas.

Chocolate Chip's pepperoni aglio oglio. He said it tasted nothing special but wolfed it down anyway because he was hungry.

I was expecting my bacon aglio oglio to come with fried, crispy and hot bacon, but the bacon strips were boiled (I think), wet and soft. I could hardly taste the garlic, much less the olive oil! Service wasn't fantastic as the servers seemed over-eager to clear our plates. Frankly speaking, to us, Aglio Olio's pastas are no different from Pastamania's.

So much for the high ratings. I would probably visit the area for a nice little dinner away from the crowd but am definitely not stepping into this restaurant again.

Aglio Olio
3 Pickering Street
#01-40 China Square
Nankin Row

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