Monday, November 30, 2009

Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball

This gotta qualify for one of the growing up food for Mr Pancakes. Mum and Dad used to bring the Mr Pancakes and his younger brothers to have chicken rice balls for BREAKFAST. Yes, there is no typo error here. Breakfast. According to Mum and Dad, they used to have the chicken rice balls for breakfast during special occasions or when Grandma feels like it.  Grandma used to walk to the stall at 6 in the morning to buy the tasty treat back when Mum and Dad were kids. (Different Grandmas, of course.)

The stall had not shift since Mr Pancakes knew of its existence. Only moving across the road to it's current location.  And of course the second generation had taken over the stall and had moved with times.  They no longer serve their wares for breakfast.  It's more of a brunch or lunch kinda thing.

The novelty of having your chicken rice in balls never wear off.  And now Mrs Pancakes is also in the fray, it means more visits to this stall.  

Each set meal comes with two chicken rice balls, a serving of chicken meat and one tau pok with soup. (and half a egg, I think.)  The kong ba (pork belly) is a treat too. Each set cost $4.50, costly for a chicken rice. But hey, nothing can buy back the nostalgia. And there is always a healthy stream of customers. Order servings for the number of pax that you have. You will generally end up with more stuff than ordering individual sets.  And the cost will work out to about the same.

The chicken rice balls hadn't lose its charm over the years.  The chicken meat though is a bit bland and cold. But totally hawker or street food.  Mr Pancakes do like the soft tender meat served by places like Boon Tong Kee, but yah, nostalgia feelings always wins.  And yes, the chicken meat served here is a tad bit oily.  The pork belly was soft, with a very distinct soy flavour, though not overpowering. And yes, it melts in your mouth. And last but not least, the tau pok (fried bean pouch) served in it's soup. It's one of a kind. Simple, yet unforgettable.

And yes, the chilli sauce gives that sharp kick.  Please taste a bit of it first before you decide to dollop your chicken meat in it. It packs quite a punch.  Disappointedly, they do not serve the ultra thick black soy sauce anymore. 

The way to enjoy the chicken rice balls hadn't changed much.  The Pancakes and family will always drizzle the tau pok soup over the chicken rice balls to 'soften' them up first.  It also adds the taste of soy into the rice.  Then proceed to crush the rice balls and eat with a good serving of the chicken or pork belly.  Scoop a spoonful of the soup with a tau pok.  Chew the tau pok while swallowing the soup to wash down the oil in the mouth. Heavenly.  Repeat.

Boon Hwa Food Centre
43 Jalan Besar
(coffeeshop at the end of Dickson Road)

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  1. for those non health freaks, try swallowing the almost translucent chicken skin.

    sinful yet shioks. do at your own risks.


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