Thursday, August 11, 2016

Paradise Teochew Scotts Square

The second outlet of Paradise Teochew is located at Scotts Square, right smack in town to cater for both local and tourists. Presenting authentic Teochew dishes in an elegant setting. And from the crowd we seen, they are doing things right.

Two kung-fu tea will be served at the start and end of the meal. The start is to literally help "warm the stomach" for the feast ahead and the end is to aid in digestion. The hint of glutinous rice whet the appetite and we are all ready to go!

Teochew Style Roasted Suckling Pig

The suckling pig has to be pre-ordered a day in advance. We would recommend you have 6-8 diners with you as the serving is substantial. This is not the typical suckling pig that you may be familiar with. On two counts, the stronger five-spice marinate (on the underside of the pig) and the missing (removed) of the layer of fat beneath the skin.

This count for a leaner but not less flavoursome dish... and this is a lethal combination. We just can't get enough of it. Plus you don't get jelak from eating. Dangerous to the waist, but totally worth it. (7.5/10)

Chilled Yellow Roe Crab in Teochew Style

This is as good as it gets. The crabs were specifically chosen to coincide with the molting cycle and roe production. The result? Choke full of yellow roe and easy to peel. Fresh, light and creamy all at one go. Be careful, the addiction is real. (8/10)

Teochew Crabmeat Roll

The crab meat is extracted manually everyday so you can be sure that it is fresh. Perhaps the taste and texture of the prawns were overpowering and totally stole the thunder from the crab. Expect more of a hei zor, on upgrade. (7/10)

Braised Sliced Duck (Irish Fat Duck)

This totally got our attention. "Why would you waste a fat duck and braise it instead of roasting it?" How wrong can we be.

The braising liquid has it's own legendary status, apparently from the same master stock from Hong Kong. Slightly sweet, definitely Chinese and OMG does it do justice to the fat duck. Imagine tender braised sliced duck with melt in your mouth fats.

The other highlight is the braised beancurd. Silky, smooth and simply the healthy match to the fatty duck. We were otherwise not too impressed with the braised octopus. (9/10)

Steamed Custard Bun in Piggy Shape

This is Instagram worthy for sure. Custard is not the flowing one that you may expect but still tasty and the little pine nuts are morsels of delight.  (6.5/10)

Other Notables

Braised crispy sea cucumber, yes, you heard right. Nice, interesting texture and definitely not what you would expect from sea cucumber.

Pan fried and braised marble goby. This is what you would expect from a good, Chinese restaurant. We love the braising stew and definitely a good way to impress your guests.

The desserts are stand-outs for us. The tau suan came with gingko nuts which is a nice touch but masks the light tau suan as you would expect. Creates that double texture and definitely refreshing to the palate.

The yam paste is perhaps not what you would expect from your typical Teochew style. Thick and gummy and bursting full of flavours. Expect a wholesome mouthful.


Overall it was a great dining experience with more hits. The traditional dishes were well executed and while we are not Teochew cuisine Nazis, this is definitely a place we would go to for hosted dinners.

The dim sum menu is served only at lunch (at time of writing), seems popular with the other diners while we were there. Expect large crowds on the weekends, and reservation is suggested.

Paradise Teochew
Scotts Square, Level 3

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