Thursday, November 19, 2015

Paradise Teochew Restaurant at Chinese Swimming Club


    It is not easy to find a good Teochew restaurant in Singapore. Located in a really special and apt location, the Chinese Swimming Club, Paradise Teochew Restaurant is indeed quite a gem. Helmed by Chef Cheng Fa Kwan, he is backed by 34 years of experience in creating the special menu for this restaurant.

    Embracing the Teochew root of emphasis on natural flavours, light seasoning and most importantly, freshness of ingredients used, Paradise Teochew features over a hundred dishes of Teochew style signature dishes. Coupled with an array of dim sum offerings, diners are certainly spoilt for choice.

    A higher grade Oolong tea was served as we were seated. It helps to clean the palatte so that diners are ready for a good feast!
    The Teochew Four Varieties Combination comprises of Teochew Pork Roll, Teochew Prawn Ball, Braised Sliced Duck and Pan Friend Scallop with Minced Garlic. Pictures don't do justice to the quality of the food, but we will try our best to describe the flavours for you.
    The prawn balls are hand made by the chef daily. You can definitely tell from the shape of each prawn ball that they are hand pressed. Tasty and much fresher than what you get at other restaurants, the deep fried crisp around the ball will have you wanting more
    The Pork Rolls @ Ngoh Hiangs are also very crispy with just enough chestnut in them to keep you chewing with a crunch. 

    The next dish is highly recommended.

    Freshly made daily, the chefs have to skim out the egg white from a carton of eggs, lightly pan fry them like a crepe, wrap the diced chicken, Chinese Ham, bamboo shoots and chestnuts, then steam them. The meat is also stir fried before they are placed within for steaming. Its such an intricately made dish with an intensely satisfying flavour. Certainly 2 is not enough.


    The Sauteed Pomfret Fillet in Tomato Broth and salty vegetables is also worthy a try. The fish is extremely fresh and the Tomato broth certainly surprised us. Thick and flavourful, the broth complements the fish perfectly. Have the soup with some rice and this dish will certainly fill you up.

    The Braised Mustard Green you see below is cooked to softness, topped with shredded conpoy and prawn roe. Very special and an extremely Teochew dish. It is very light tasting with bursts of flavour from the prawn roe. Good to have for a balanced meal!

    This is a noodle imported from Hong Kong by the Chef because he had tasted this in a Teochew restaurant there. No other supplier has this in Singapore. A Must dish to have! Gently dip the slices in the vinegar and sugar provided. As a guide, 4 slices per person will keep you just at bay from overeating at this dish.

    Lastly was the dessert. As mentioned by the chef, this dish is not easy to make and is made fresh daily and upon order too. It doesn't look sweet nor cold but once you eat it, it just makes sense... totally!

    A combination of crispy pumpkin, yam and sweet potato, this dish certainly feeds the eyes too. The Chef has gone back to Hong Kong to find out how to make this as he had this dish many years ago and still remembers it. It is safe to say Paradise Teochew is the only one who has this dish in Singapore. Indeed, a treat from the usual mashed yam with gingko. We suggest ordering this for a fresh taste instead of the usual.

    In general the food at Paradise Teochew is really light flavoured. We feel that those who have a liking towards strong tastes will also be able to enjoy the food here. Comfortable ambience and great service tops off the meal and makes it a pefect place for a family dinner.

    Paradise Teochew Restaurant is offering:

    - 30% off food bill (weekdays)
    - 20% off food bill (weekends)

    Valid for dine-in daily excluding eve of & on Public Holiday.

    Limited to 1 redemption per table per bill.

    Terms and conditions apply.

    Call 6348 7298 for enquiries.

    Located at 21 Amber Road, Chinese Swimming Club, #03-01 (via Arrival Pavilion).

    Offer valid for OCBC, Chinese Swimming Club and Paradise Gourmet Rewards Cardmembers only.

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