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Central Thai Food at Parathai One Km Shopping Mall

Stepping into Parathai was something not one would expect, especially being flanked by 2 of their own brand's bigger name chains. This is Paradise Group's first Thai venture. All we can say is the food is of high standards and very fresh, especially welcoming chilli and spicy lovers. Read about the tom yum soup below!

First came out drinks. Not too much new drinks to spoil your choice, yet enough to make you whet your appetite. The standards of the Thai Tea is above average, the Chendol excellent!
None of the drinks made use sugar, but all with Gula Melaka. Sweetness wise, you can expect it to be well moderated. Do give the Chendol a try... or rather... a must try here!

Lets start with the basics and firsts.

The rice you get here is not green colored rice. The Pandan flavoured rice is au natural. Indeed one can taste the pandan flavours and its not the chemical kind. Indeed pleasant to the taste buds.

The appetisers, Homemade Pandan Leaf Chicken. Very juicy, flavourful and a good bite. Takes a bit of skill to unwrap but it flavours are worthwhile. Order this enough for one per person first.

This appetiser is one which could put you on the fence. The food are battered fresh and deep fried. You are recommended to taste it with the prawn paste chilli sauce. It may look really spicy because of the chilli in it, but its really quite ok. However, prawn paste is something which either you love it or hate it. Order if you have a big group as it fills up empty spaces of time in between your chat and laughter.

This Homemade Minced Pork in Rice Noodle wrap has a very flavourful Cai-Po in it. This was an absolute delight. We would just walk in here to eat this or take away (yes they have take - aways! Hint to those who are in a rush or just walking around !!) Very refreshing, very tasty, very shortlived so do order more if you like. We would say each person needs at least 2!

The Tom Yum Goongs that we get in Bangkok are the clear translucent kind. However, Central Thai ones are not exactly that. They however bring a punch even more than those of the clear nature, spicy, sweet and sour all in a spoon. You are seriously warned. Do inform the waiter at the table how spicy a soup you like. Then again, its a relationship you need to build with the chef. Try it once and work it from there.

Portions in the soup is seriously generous. The prawns are not the usual tiger prawns that you get, but sea prawns.

How can one not try the Thai fish? This Pla Ka Phong Naung Ma Nao steamed seabass fish comes in a sauce that is filled with lime and chilli seeds. Impressively tasty and fresh. Non fish lovers would love this dish too. Quite a fair portion for the price that you are paying for. Finishing it albeit being tasty could be a challenge still.

The other dishes available are the more common Basil Pork. This is officially one of the 2 most spicy dish on the table. Be careful when eating this. The seeds are small bombs that go off in your mouth. Chilli lovers.. just munch blindly. You will love this.  The Stir-fried Mini Asparagus with Egg Beancurd and Mushrooms  is also a good green to round off your meal.

We had 3 desserts. Apparently someone comes regularly to do takeaways and it wipes out the good mango stock in the kitchen! Our favourite is the Mun Chiem Sweet Tapioca with Coconut milk dessert. It was well cooked and it keeps you happy when leaving the restaurant. The desserts are inexpensive to order all to try.
The Deep-Fried Banana Fritters served with Honey are special because the batter is made inhouse and the bananas are not the usual bananas that you can buy from the supermarket. Match it with the sauce. We would say people who love tim sum or hong kong cafes would love this dessert

The Tab Tim Krob Red Ruby served with Jackfruit and Coconut milk is special to the dessert menu. Not the usual, once again, that you would get at the hawkers or other Thai restaurants. The coconut milk they use is not the usual but of a different kind. You will get a subtle floral scent to it,resembling Jasmine. Large ice chunks may get in your way for more of the coconut milk but it helps to keep your dessert cold without diluting it!


Parathai is also a good place for large group gatherings, children's prams and wheelchair friendly, small group gatherings possible with the segregated areas, very clever play with the local flavours and style for a restaurant setting. Booking recommended. Book your desserts also if you don't want to be disappointed!

In conjunction with SG50, Parathai also has a Thai Classic Set Menu:
6 course meal at $50 for 2 pax
7 course meal at $80 for 4 pax

OCBC Cardmembers and Paradise Gourmet Rewards members enjoy a further 20% off the Thai Classic Set Menus.

Valid daily from 1 Jul to 31 Aug and for dine-in only. (even on National Day too!)
Not valid in conjunction with other discounts, promotions, vouchers or membership privileges. 
Other terms and conditions apply.

There are much more to try and we will be back to taste the other food. Search this post again to see if there are any updates!

11 Tanjong Katong Road
OneKM #02-23
Singapore 437157

Tel: 6702 2541

Business Hours
Mon – Fri
11.00am – 10.00pm (Last order at 9.30pm)
Sat, Sun & PH
10.30am – 10.00pm (Last order at 9.30pm)
Table reservations are welcome.

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