Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Paradise Dynasty : Mao Shan Wang xiao long bao and other Shanghai dishes

Ok... we got to admit this. We were SUPER apprehensive when we got to know what will be on the menu. But staying true to bring good or unique food (not necessary both) to this blog, we decided to brave the storm. And we are glad we did.

(Note: Seasonal Dishes are only available till 31 May 2015)

Braised Duck Tongue

Yup. That's why. Sounds scary. Looks scary. *gulp* The duck's tongue is simmered for 2 hours with oyster sauce being one of the condiments. The taste? If you like kway chup, this is probably nothing too different from the braised small intestines in terms of texture. Do be careful of the little bone in the tongue.

Steamed Bullfrog with Diced Chilli

This is indeed perfect dish for rice and beer! It's briny, spicy and sour, and the delicate texture of the frog, perfectly steamed. (Overcooked frogs are tough to bite into.) The combination is indeed over the roof and perhaps seems more normal than duck's tongues. A good alternative to the usual claypot frogs that so many of us love.

Stir Fried Asparagus, Bamboo Shoots and Bacon

Never ever had this combination before and it worked great! The skills of the chef is tested in this one. The wok hei or the dragon breath was nicely infused into the otherwise bland asparagus and bamboo shoots and the bacon adds another smokey kick (and salt) to the dish. It is very difficult to stop at just one mouthful.

Mao Shan Wang Durian Xiao Long Bao

Hear comes the star of the show. Paradise Dynasty serves a kick-ass 8 flavours XLB. If you haven't had it before, do all 8 on your own and decide which one you like best. Our favourites include the original, garlic and truffle. (There is a certain sequence to eat the 8 flavours, you will be guided by the staff.)

Ok. Durian. The paste came prepared (not done on-site). It was a cross between durian cake and durian paste. Sticky and full of flavours, but just enough so that it doesn't overpower the taste buds. The interesting kick, warm steamed durian has got it's place on the dining table.

Just like the durian fruit itself, we are pretty sure this dish will have its fair share of lovers and haters.

We had the chance to taste other dishes too but in order not to dilute the experience we would only like to give special mention to one dish.

Our challenge to you: Find it on the menu and tell us if you like it too. This goes down so well with beer. As they say, once you pop, you can't stop!

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