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Mojo Burps Burgers, Wings and Beers- the widest selection of craft beers and ciders in the most chillaxed of settings

If you wanna just kick back and chill with some buddies but don’t want to jostle with the banker/lawyer clientele that throng the numerous watering holes in CBD, then head on down to Mojo Burps (Bar, Grill, Beer Garden) at Tanjong Katong road. Just off the East Coast Highway and at the start of a long line of amazing eateries, Mojo Burps offers to be like the titular bar in Cheers- Where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.

A coffeeshop by day, the spot at 364 Tanjong Katong transforms into a craft beer joint in the evenings. Offering you the casual ease of a kopitiam without cacophonous calls of “referee kayu” and “tak kiu ji puay”, Mojo Burps feels like heading over to a friend’s house to shoot the breeze- except this friend happens to offer the widest selection of craft beers in Singapore. Period.

At any one point, Mojo Burps is stocked with 188-200 different varieties of beers and ciders-everything from sticky toffee pudding ciders, to Yomeishu beer. Fancy a beer with 35% alcohol? Mojo Burps has it too. You would want to come back each week, because that is how often they introduce whole new kegs or bottles.

If drinking gives you the munchies, you would be glad to know that Mojo Burps serves up burgers, spam fries and one steak. You read that right, just one steak. But it will be the best possible steak you could get at that price. A 250g slab of 150 day grain fed Australian ribeye, available to you at $19.90.

Being a place for buddies to hang out, Mojo Burps serves its steaks cubed, for sharing of course. Like the establishment itself, the steak comes without embellishment. No sauce, just good old salt and pepper. None of the bells and whistles and none was needed as the cut of beef came with minimal gristle and buttery fat that was all good on its own.
The burger selection was extensive. The Pattaya Pork was a homage to a perennial coffeeshop favourite where instead of rice or noodles, it was a deliciously griddled pork patty wrapped in a blanket of fried eggs.

Heartier eaters can look forward to Sloppy Mojoes filled with American Chilli and cheese, or the breakfast burger which would make a perfect start to the day. Now, if only Mojoburp opened in the mornings as well.

If you're not content with the options prepared, customize your own burger and choose from lamb, beef, pork and chicken in varying portions and add on toppings like grilled onions or spam rings. Burgers are served with an American schoolhouse favourite, tater tots. All burgers are quarter pounders and made from 100% meat, chilled and imported from Australia. No fillers and additives. Alas, there is a Tofu burger as well for our vegetarian friends.

Accompanying the burgers, was a separate order of Spam fries. These bad boys came thick, luscious and coated with Mojo Burps’ own proprietary batter and rub. We had the pleasure of meeting with Mojo Burp’s head honcho that evening and he was politely reticent when probed about the secret ingredients that went into the fries.

Beer goes well with anything, especially buffalo wings, and Mojo Burps serves them with your choice of basting. The milder ones come with a vinegar-based tartness balanced out with a buttered creaminess. The spicy ones, well, they come with Mofo Chilli, a belachan-like concoction that warrants the intestinal fortitude of a soldier. 

Sporting names like “Dodge The Bullet” and “Final Destination, Mofo Chilli was flavourful and insanely spicy without numbing to the point of tastelessness. It would go equally well with an Asian dish like Nasi Lemak as it did with our burgers.For a limited time. you can buy it by the jar at $10 for Dodge the Bullet  and $12 for Final Destination. Take it from us, the latter is only for the stoutest of hearts.

Like any decent drinking establishment, Mojo Burps offers its own happy hour promotion. Head there right after work between 5-7pm and you will get free flow buffalo wings and fries for $5 with an order of any alcoholic beverage, per person.

A new seasonal menu is introduced each month. Find out more by Likeing their Facebook page. You might even get 5% off for your troubles.

Mojo Burps was started by a group of buddies about two years ago who just wanted a relaxing place to go for some beers. They came up with the name after a feverish Austin Powers movie marathon where “mojo” was a dominant theme. Staying true to their intent, the owners opened Mojo Burps on Chinese New Year eve because they “really needed a drink.”

Hardworking lads they are. All the owners hold full time jobs with varied backgrounds in F&B and lifestyle so they know how to party. Mojo Burps represents a labour of love and a passion piece for them but make no mistake they’re serious about the business and are already looking into expanding beyond Singapore’s sandy shores.

Singapore’s beverages landscape has seen quite a number of changes in recent years, from the speakeasies to bespoke whisky bars, from Hipster cafes and their ethical coffees to champagne sparklers at million dollar clubs. Suffice to say, it’s getting just a little bit too pretentious. If you’re looking for a no-frills place where it’s all about the food and drinks and nothing else, then Mojo Burps should definitely be your go-to place.The casual joint (so casual even the glassware is uncoordinated) has a steady clientele made up for folks from around the ‘hood. So do come in your flip-flops and berms and make yourself at home. In time, maybe everyone will know your name.

Mojo Burps takes its last order for food at 1015pm, but if you sit down right on the dot, they’ll still keep the griddles going. All prices are nett, no GST, no service charge. Mojo Burps is closed on Mondays.

Mojo Burps
364 Tanjong Katong, S437123
Tel: 8312 0030
Opening Hours 5pm to Midnight (last food order 1015pm)

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