Monday, March 23, 2015

Cold Crab Feast @ Mouth Restaurant

mouth restaurant

九大簋之凍蟹宴 (Cold Crab Treasure Pot Feast)

We thought we were in for just the cold crab. And surprised were we to have a full feast waiting. Pleasantly surprised.


Teochew Style Cold Crab (1 crab per pax)

 As you can see. The crab is full of roe. With crabs this fresh, it is best served chilled and on it's own. The soy sauce with wasabi provided gives that little kick if you are grow bored of the rich roe and sweet meat. Yes, the crab is huge.

Braised Soy Beancurd Soup with Fresh Crab Meat

The customary soup that you would get from a chinese restaurant. A great alternative, especially to shark lovers.

Prawn Long Spring Roll with Goose Liver Sauce

 Good spring roll. The foie gras sauce taste was subtle. Suggest to wait for it to cool down before eating it to savour the best from the foie gras sauce.

Braised Fish Maw with Garlic Infused Abalone Sauce

Great taste with the strong garlic taste leaving you wanting for more. The chewy fish maw absorbs all the super tastes like a sponge but yet not overbearing at all. Salty as it should be but the flavours drives you up to paradise.

Sautéed Prawn Ball with Cream of Chardonnay Sauce and Rock Melon (One piece per pax)

Prawn balls are becoming the staple in many chinese restaurants and sometimes it is the ultimate taste test for us. Mouth Restaurant passed with full colours on this one. The cream of Chardonnay gives that acidic, citrus taste to the nicely fried prawns. The sweetness from the rock melon offers great burst to the palate, it is like what it does to parma ham, just that this is to a hot dish. 

Crispy Sakura Chicken Meat in Honey Black Pepper Sauce

This is probably the only dish that missed the plot in the set. Honey and Black Pepper didn't really work for us. And the chicken was plain normal.

Fried fish fillet w blended Thai sauce

Fried dory fillet. Good decent, as you would expect from a good chinese kitchen.

Squid Ink Char Siew Bao

The squid ink is imported from Italy which is a clean and reliable source. It apparently has health benefits and makes the dough give that extra bounce. We liked the texture of the (black) skin and the char siew was very well seasoned and has the highest standards of a dim sum restaurant. When health benefits and great tastes meet, why not indulge?

Double boiled fungus with wolfberries  in Rock sugar

 Good and light, great timing on the cooking duration as the white fungus is still crisp. Good for this hazy period and a nice cleanse to the palate after a heavy meal.

Volcano Liu Sha Bao

Ok, this is not included in the set meal. But how can one walk away from this heavenly stuff? Eat it while it is hot. Absolutely divine.

There is a current promotion on Qoo10 and this set, believe it or not, cost just $33.80 per pax.
Please refer to the link for more information.

Mouth Restaurant is conveniently located at Plaza Singapura and China Square Central.

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