Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nude Seafood : Perfect Marriage of Healthy and Tasty

Nestled in the middle of the financial district, Nude Seafood offers good food, healthy offerings and very quick service. And that is what you would want if you 1) happen to work in the district 2) you have a short lunch break 3) you want healthy food that is as healthy.

As the menu suggest, be ready for hearty meals.

Chilean Bass, miso grilled with quinoa. $22. Big on flavours and with the oil content that you would expect from a cold water fish. We think it is value for money for the serving size and the quality of the meat. Perfectly grilled and no doubt one of the best sellers on the menu.

Spanish Mackerel herb roasted with barley risotto. $13. As you would expect from a meaty fish. Nice to the taste and the kitchen got it cooked to just the right doneness knowing how easily a fish like this can turn out tough and unsavoury if over done. We are spoiled rotten by the Chilean bass but this is for someone who likes a less oil content.

Salmon, Hickory smoked with Forgotten Grains, $16. Nicely smoked and we understand the rave behind this darling on the menu. Sashimi grade and priced as it is, together with the delicate skill of smoking, this is probably THE steal of the menu. The forgotten grains tasted like muesli which complement well with the salmon and the marinated beetroot is awesome.

And we found the poached egg with the Chilean Seabass. Which makes it even more awesome.

Nice place, quick turnover and very awesome food. And they are opened for dinner.

 Suffice to say, we left the place with a skip in our step.

Marina Bay Financial Center
Tower 3
Opens 8am to 8pm


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