Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves: Happy Holidays Treat

Coffee Bean is back with their series of Christmas Treats. Don't you just love the holiday season, especially of ginger bread, cinnamon, pumpkin, candy canes and cranberries?

The wide array of selection is simply breathtaking. Great variety for you to choose from, either you are running out of ideas or you just want to give something to a coffee or tea buff. There is surely something for you to get.

Maybe let's start with the beverage selections. We sampled the following three (we went through a blind test actually) and there is the red velvet and winter dream tea latte which we will go back to sample.

Double Chocolate Peppermint Ice Blended: Our favourite, and no surprises that it had been the perennial top seller for a number of years. Strong, velvety chocolatey taste with a refreshing peppermint kick. Looooooove it!
 Dark Chocolate Truffle Ice Blended: Once you have the double chocolate drink, this is like a step down. But for those who love chocolate and do not like the intensity of the double choc, this is the drink for you.
Peppermint Stick Latte: Well... this is an acquired taste. Very honestly, it tasted like cod liver oil. But the taste grows on you and probably will serve as a good comforting drink on a rainy chilly night.

Now for the very impressive array of cakes:

 Nice looking cakes and pastries to bring to a party and they taste really good too!

Our favourites:

The Christmas Chicago Cheesecake, Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Log cake and Yuzu Fruit Cake. 

Kudos to the CBTL team for an engaging and fun evening all topped with Christmas spirit and fun. There was even a log cake design competition!
Take a trip to one of their many outlets and maybe, just maybe you will find something you love. Like we did. :)


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