Thursday, August 07, 2014

Grand Mandarin Restaurant

char siew

Helmed by Chef Nicky Ng, this new restaurant at New Bridge Road is a combination of fine ingredients, technique and impeccable attention to details.

The signature honey BBQ pork loin ($15++ per order), was the highlight of the meal.  A good balance of fats and meat, it has this special crust that reminds us of po luo bao which adds a crunchy dimension (a good one!) to the dish. (We received feedback that the roasted pork is worth trying too.)

grand mandarin

The Grand Mandarin Foie Gras & Abalone combinations platter has its hits and misses. At $58++ per person, it is a tad pricey. Standouts were the soft shell crab, very nicely done with a tint of curry powder. The abalone was cooked well, tender and seasoned just right.

Grilled lamb ribs with egg in Mongolian Style

We like this dish. Tender lamb and totally no gamey taste. We like it with a slight taste of lamb but nevertheless well executed. The poached egg lends a great blend with mongolian seasoning. $48++ per person.

"Yuan Yang" Tofu with Kai Lan and Scallop

The tofu is hidden underneath the "bird nest". This what you would expect from a good chinese restaurant and whole dish is well balanced.

 Nice presentation, normal taste.

Overall experience is good however it is pricey if compared to the nearby chinese cuisine on offer. Good place to host events, especially if privacy is needed.

While our tasting menu is catered for hosting and private functions, the restaurant is tweaking the menu to cater the general crowd and dim sum is on offer in the afternoons.

For a new eatery that is 2 months young, they offer good authentic chinese food. Various discounts and offers are ongoing as they find their feet and is very open to feedback.

Grand Mandarin

325, New Bridge Road

(Public Carpark is just next to the restaurant and it is within walk distance of Outram MRT)

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