Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Manhattan Fish Market - Ramadan Special

Todays food tasting was for The Manhattan Fish Market!! Unveiling their new dishes just for the month of Ramadan, their thoughtful dishes came indeed at an appropriate time.

We had the opportunity to taste the Lamb Stew and Fish Rendang Platter. Don’t the name fool you, there were frilled calamari, sambal mussels, broccoli and carrots as well as Garlic Herb rice in that platter. To say the least, it is an ideal break fast dish, making it a perfect sharing dish for those not fasting too! The Rendang we felt could have a less heavy hand on the Assam, though those into real Asian taste would really love this.

Pandan Drink
Sharing Platter with Mushrooms, Calamari, Octopus and Coleslaw
Fried Mushrooms
Calamari and Crabsticks
Mussels in Lemon Butter with Bread
Flaming Cheese Prawns and Dory Fish Platter
Lamb Stew
Grilled Squid
Lamb Stew and Fish Rendang Platter

The flamed cheese prawns and the fried calamari were our favourites for this tasting. The rice matches the taste perfectly. Recommended! Enjoy the flame work by the staff by your table too.

For the location of The Manhattan Fish Market please see the below link

Quick catch these dishes before the end of Ramadan and Foodprints wishes all our Muslim readers a Happy Ramadan!

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