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WitBier Cafe - Food Pairing with Craft Beer

The craft beer scene in Singapore had been growing over the past few years and it had always been our aim to drink as diverse as we can on FoodPrints. (We know it's impossible but we had discovered a few of our favourites since.)

So when WitBier announced a tweak in their menu and they are looking at food pairing with the diverse offering of craft beers they have, we immediately knew we had to do this.

Mike and Marcus hosted the tasting and we had more than we could stomach. Brendon is at the helm in the kitchen and they pretty much got things very well paired up.

They have more than 30 bottled craft beers on their menu and one could be easily spoilt for choice. Plus four taps - Warsteiner Pilsner, Konig Ludwig Weissbier, Titje and Dunkel. Draft beers are at $16 for 500ml (Happy Hours: $12, 4pm to 9pm)

Now on to the pairings.

We started off the night with a taste of Titje. 

This is one their most popular beer and we can understand why. It is like the ever popular Hoegaarden but a cremier version of it and a stronger taste of orange peel. I will have this over Hoegaarden anytime. A great start to the evening!

Beef Chilli Cheese with Nachos ($12) paired with James Boag Premium Lager ($9)

The beef chilli was made from a secret recipe and we really love it for the wholesome taste. The cheese was perfectly stirred in and the chef is very generous with the meat. This can easily be a dinner serving. The lager was paired to cut the oil in the beef chilli and we thought it was a match well made. Of course the nachos served as a good kicker as it should with beer. (7/10 for food; 9/10 for pairing)

Otah Bruschetta ($10) with Tripel Karmeliet ($16)

The bruschetta is well toasted before the otah was served on it. Who wouldn't love thick flavoursome otah on toasted bruschetta? We couldn't stop at just one bite (even though we knew there was more food coming up.) Simply awesome. Pairing is with the Tripel Karmeliet which we thought was the BEST pairing of the night. The spicy tint in the beer goes really well with the otah and made it really easy to eat. (Food 9/10; Pairing 10/10)

Home Marinated Chicken Wings ($10) paired with Warsteiner Premium Pilsner ($16)

The chicken wings are available in fried or grilled versions. We prefer the grilled version for the charred taste which we thought went down better with the beer. The chicken wings could had been marinated a bit further but it is still well done and reminds us of the BBQ wings that one can find in food centers. Pairing was with Warsteiner Pilsner which is always a good companion to grilled food. (Food 7/10; Pairing 7/10)

Grilled Beef Steak ($16) with Chimay Blue ($18)

The beef was done nicely with just a tint of pink in the middle. Well marinated and well grilled, it is soft to bite into and the juices were oh-so-nice. Except for the tough fatty portion, this grill is executed perfectly. The Chimay Blue is a great pairing to the steak. Strong and hearty, it easily wash down the (great tasting) fats and boost the taste up to another manly level. (Food 8.5/10; Pairing 9.5/10)

Grilled Lamb Rack ($18) with Kwak ($16)

This had to be one of the best lamb rack we had. Grilled to perfection and tender. The rosemary marinate went well into lamb. Grilled to perfection, well marinated, tender. All checked. Pairing was done with Kwak, which we didn't think was the best. It went really well with the Chimay Blue though. Best food of the night, not the top pairing. (Food 10/10; Pairing 6/10)

Chicken Mushroom Pizza ($17) with Warsteiner Premium Pilsner ($16)

With all the great food served so far, we had high expectations of the pizza. While the chicken is well marinated, you could probably guessed it was made out of frozen meat. The crust could had done with a little more time in the kitchen. There are three other flavours: Hawaii, Magherita and 4 Cheese. The pilsner, again, is good with oily food. (Food: 6/10; Pairing 8/10)

Overall, it was an AMAZING experience. We love the extensive offering of craft beer and now with the great food on the menu, it is really a great place to go. Be it for a date or a group gathering. 

And to round it off.

WitBier Cafe
32 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198891

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