Saturday, May 03, 2014

Amici Events and Catering

We were invited for a food tasting of the new series of canapes by Amici Events and Catering. They are one of the few boutique caterers in Singapore whom are Halal certified. Their strength is really in Italian cuisine (for those who know, the Amici Tiramisu is quite amazing!) as well as local delights and international flavours.

Asian Beef Tartar
The beef tartar with kaffir lime mayonnaise, capers and chives was aromatic and reminded me of the beef tartar I had as a dish in any American restaurant. It was interesting how they could combine all the flavours on a plate into a spoon. The Kaffir Lime added a twist to give it a good east and west mix.

Pumpkin & Cacao
The pumpernickel with thin disks of butternut squash was very well designed with its creamy puree and cacao nips on top. Exploring the thin line between sweet and savory, the natural sweetness of the pumpkin combined with cinnamon, cacao and pumpernickel bread gave it a very good texture and taste. Everything pumpkin, crunchy and soft, rounded off with a taste of chocolate. Leaves one wanting for more.

Pink - Yoghurt & beetroot salad
Rich beetroot yoghurt with crunchy beet disks, chervil leaves and crispy shallots. I believe it is a traditional European beet salad with more creamy yoghurt to balance the earthy beet flavors. Beet or vege lovers will favour this dish more than those who are into meats.

Lemon and chocolate tarts
These desserts stole the limelight for the day. The lemon puree placed in the chocolate shell was an instant delight. The balance between the sourness and sweetness was just right. The Chocolate tart will also be good for those with a sweet tooth. The size of the dessert was just nice, leaving you wanting for more each time you have one.

We were also served Italian Tenuta Sant'anna Moscato NV. Creamy and of medium intensity, it was also very aromatic. Not overly sweet, it was a pleasant complement to the canapes served. This fruity sparkling wine goes well with dessert. Modern wine lovers will love this sweet sparkling, a little mix between champagne and traditional moscatos. Do note it is not aged in a barrel.

Having friends who have used them for baby showers and house warming before, we can testify that their food quality and range is quite different from usual caterers and their setup is also uniquely personalised.

Apart from an extensive variety of delectable tapas and canap├ęs, they also offer personal chefs for hire, uniformed butlers, live stations for corporate functions, weddings and home parties.

Amici have attained and maintains also HACCP Certification and Singapore Service Star.
 Their extensive client base includes Singapore Airlines, BMW and many more as shown below.

As they do not have a retail front, you may like to contact them via their website the following:

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