Sunday, September 22, 2013

Naked Finn

It was a day of celebrations and what's more apt than super duper fresh seafood and great cocktails! Located in the quiet surroundings of Gillman Barracks, it is in a city outside of the city!

When we first arrive, it was no wonder that reservations are a MUST if you would want to visit.
The place only sits 2 tables indoors and 4 tables outdoors although a quick munch on the bar is great too. Especially if it's just a party of two.

Service is prompt and attentive. Only thing that disturbed us a little is the need to walk to the counter to place our orders. But nothing to much we make out of it.

And of course, we started off with pre-dinner drinks from the list of the famed cocktails that the Naked Finn carries.


We had the Kyoho Grape, Kalamansi, Rockmelon, Honeydew Melon and Thai Ice Tea versions. All are great in their own rights! It is a pity that the Korean Pear was out of stock. Sweet and very fragrant, the cocktails were designed to bring the best out of the base fruit. A MUST try. (10/10)

The menu carries ala carte or set meals. We are a party of 6 and so we made do with the one set for two ($168) and one set for four ($368).

 Condiments for the seafood is a good signal of what is to come soon....

Mesclun salad tossed in balsamic vinegar and sesame oil dressing was a delight! Tangy and very fragrant, this one will whet your appetite. The orange wedges was a great delight! (9/10)

Chilled blanched kangkong tossed with kalamansi juice and shallot oil. Just nicely cooked. And a new experience to eat this cold. The seasoning once again was right on the spot. (9/10)

Chilled piquant vermicilli. Shallot oil does it wonders again! My fellow dinners loved it with the sambal. I liked it but not really blown away as I am not a chilled food person in general. (7.5/10)

Lightly grilled Atlantic Scallops. Cooked to perfection with a nice crusty crunch and just cooked right in the middle with the natural sweet juices of the scallops still holding up. A delight! (9/10)

New Zealand Little Necks - Soup. The natural sweetness of the clams was well captured in the soup and they were cooked just so nicely with the perfect balance between tender and chewy. A great after drinks remedy! (9/10)

Grilled baby Indian squids. The charred taste on the little creatures had to be the one that stood out. Cooked just right with the meat still juicy and tender, this is one classic "Once you pop, you can't stop.". It was a little bit irritating to remove the plastic-ky backbone of the squids though. But it's well worth the effort. (9/10)

Flambe Live Giant Tiger Prawns in white wine and Garlic. The freshness of the prawns just pops right out when you bite into it. This is as close to a drunken prawn as you can get. (9/10)

Pan-fried barramundi fillets with sea salt and olive oil. Another dish with minimal seasoning that is exploding with taste. Nice crispy skin with well cooked tender meat. Pair it with the various different condiments and you technically gets four different versions of it. An absolute party in the mouth! (10/10)

Grilled African Lobsters with unsalted butter. This reminds me more of scampi or crayfish, but the meat is oh-so-sweet and oh-so-tender. And the servings were super generous! Another must-have should you visit! (10/10)

And to round it off...

Creme brulee with strawberries and candied orange. Decent but do not measure up to the explosions the appertiser and mains before it. (6/10)

We were so happy with the meal that we ordered a whole bottle of 'cloudy' sake that is used as a base for some of their cocktails!

All in all it was a great dining experience with the unpretentious food and the fresh seafood with minimal seasoning used. The cocktails were great too! Expect to spend about $100 per person (with one drink). And do make your reservations, it may be too humid for the outdoor seatings.

Naked Finn

41 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109454
T +65 6694 0807 (please call between 4pm - 6pm)

Monday - Thursday : 6pm - 10pm
Friday - Saturday & eves of PH : 6pm - 8pm & 8:30pm - 10:30pm

Supper & Cocktails:
Monday - Thursday : 10pm- 12mn
Friday - Saturday & eves of PH : 10:30pm - 2am

Sunday : Closed

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  1. Thanks for the review. i've been hearing good things about Naked Finn.


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