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Goldleaf Taiwan Restaurant

Goldleaf Taiwan Restaurant (New Taiwan Restaurant) has a rich history in the food industry and they are in the midst of a renewing their menu and approach to cater to a wider palate.

We were hosted by Karen and you can feel the enthusiasm permeates through the staff. Karen was telling us that they are in the midst of engaging on the social media platform and is also in the midst of experimenting with wine pairing for their food. (more in the post.)

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Multiple awards. They are a massive supporter of National Day Parade!

Tables were spaced comfortably apart, which Karen told us was done on purpose so that diners feel more comfortable. Their focus is on the experience of the meal for the diners and not cramped up the whole place for profiteering. There is an additional space to the right of the restaurant which serves as a function room for events.

Visited by makansutra.

The appetiser which is braised groundnuts, beancurd and ikan bilis (anchovies) was pretty outstanding. Teases the palate and gets you ready for the things to come!

Fresh cockles with special sauce

For someone who doesn't really eat cockles, this dish was surprisingly addictive! Dipped in the home-made special sauce, it is an explosion of flavours in the mouth. The cockles tasted absolutely fresh and you don't even have to shell them yourself! (8/10)

Chye Poh Omelette

This has to be the fluffiest chai por omelette that we ever tasted. Incredibly light and (surprisingly) not oily, it is balanced in egginess and the salt level. We love it so much that we can eat one plate of this on our own! (10/10)

Er-Chye (Taiwan Lettuce)

Light and really, tasted like normal lettuce at first. But the surprise comes later. There is this sweet tender after taste that we just couldn't put a finger to. Well, we need the greens, might as well make it a special one! (7/10)

 And of course, they serve sweet potato porridge.

Beancurd Bowl
 They serve this home-made beancurd bowl with several options of meat. Never mind the meat, the homemade beancurd was outstanding. Soft and very tasty on the inside and the chefs did an excellent job with the crisp. Absolutely delightful. (8/10)

Three Cup Chicken

 Or better known as san-bei ji. This is a classic Taiwanese dish. Although the chicken was cooked perfect, tender and full of flavours, the basil was slightly too overpowering for us. It will be interesting to taste the tofu version of this dish. (6/10)

Prawns (Mongolian and Salted Egg)

The servings were generous but we were not wow-ed by the taste. The Mongolian version tasted very much like black pepper and the salted egg version did not have the heart stopping taste that you would have got from other oriental restaurant. The plump and fresh prawns did save the dish though. (6/10)

Braised Pork Belly
 If you were on a calorie count, this will be your cheat dish. Absolutely gorgeously braised and this is the one dish that really melts in your mouth. Do not recall having this standard since my trip to Yunnan 15 years back. This is the real deal. It would had been perfect if the salt level was brought down by a notch or two. (9.5/10)

Cod Fish with Special Sauce
 It is true that you can't do much wrong with cod fish. But to do it like what Goldleaf has done, it is not easy either. This fish was pan-fried to perfection with the outside nice and crispy and the inside still moist and the natural fish fat intact. A delight with the special sauce! (8.5/10)

Beer Bites
 Fried Prawn Roll. This is the ultimate beer bites. Very nicely done and very tasty. We would think this will be popular as a pre-dinner snack or a late night supper. (7.5/10)

 Fried fish in special sauce and sesame. This is a very special dish and probably can be found anywhere else. The fish is fried so crispy that you can eat it whole! (7.5/10)

 And yes, we were saying, the restaurant is in the midst of doing wine pairing with their food and Karen gamely served a glass of the house white for us to sample. The wine is light and we must say goes very well with the mostly heavy flavoured dishes. Worth a go.

Vegetarian Dishes

The restaurant serves a few vegetarian dishes which is great if you are with company that are vegetarians. They have decent options and the tastes of the dishes are acceptable. Just do not expect the standards of a vegetarian restaurant.


Great selection and two new features!

The herbal jelly is decent and not too bitter. (6/10)

 Green tea jelly. Nice and fragrant. If you are a green tea fan, you will like this. Very light and leaves a nice gentle taste on the palate. (7.5/10)

 And... it is available in red tea too! We prefer this a little better over the green tea version for it's robust taste and slightly heavier kick. (8/10)

The yam paste dessert is our favourite of the four we tasted. Nice and smooth, and just the right level of sweetness. The coconut milk is pre-mixed into the dessert so you won't spot the guilt. A delicious way to end the meal. (8.5/10)

Overall it was a great experience and we will be back to sample some of the other items on the menu. The service staff were great and ever so attentive. Do note that lunch hours are usually packed and you may have to share tables. They do operate long hours till 11pm, seven days a week.

Be prepared to spend between $20-$50 per pax, as of all Chinese restaurants, it is really dependent on what you order.

110 Amoy Street
Singapore 069930
6324 8310

Open Daily:
11:30AM - 2:30PM
6:00PM - 11:00PM

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