Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gattopardo Italian Dining

Gattopardo located at Hotel Fort Canning is one of my favourite Italian dining place. I am especially excited to find out that it had been included in the program!

The ambience of the restaurant is great for private dining with the tables spaced well apart or good for big group gatherings with a big communal table.

After our orders were taken, we were served bread with olive oil dip. The thin crispy wafers are particularly delightful with a nice sprinkling of sesame seeds and pepper.

We ordered two glasses of Italian wine (one red and one white) and they do help split the order to two glasses (to share) if you wanted to. A nice gesture I must say. Do ask for recommendation for wine pairing with the food you ordered. We went along with the suggestions and they were pretty good pairings!

Seafood soup. Full of flavours from the fresh seafood and I especially like the rich tomato base and you can literally taste the sweetness of the sea. (9/10)

While Gattopardo is reowned for its great seafood dish, we can't resist to order the slow braised lamb shoulder. Served on a mash, it is cooked to perfection. The flavours wasn't as rich as what I envisoned it to be though. (6/10)

The suckling pig pizza caught our eye and we had to order it. Alas, we didn't expect it to be served rolled up. Had been looking forward to crunching down on the crackling. May be due to the rolling up with the cheese and tomato sauce base, the suckling pig turned out quite disappointing and some pieces were too fatty for my liking. Nevertheless the myriad of flavours that it does offer makes up part of the disappointment. (5/10)

The tiramisu was really good. The lady fingers biscuits were not overly soaked and had a very good balance from the coffee and liquer. The mascapone cheese was just the right intensity and the cocoa powder sprinkled on top is just the right amount so that you won't get the powderly choke-hold that some tiramisus does. (8/10)

Complimentary truffles from the chef. And we were served a glass of limoncello as well to round up the meal. Overall it is a great meal and at $180 for three main courses, two glasses of wine and one dessert, it represents great value. Even more so if you are visiting with the card.

The Legends Fort Canning Park Pte Ltd
11 Canning Walk
Singapore 178881

6338 5498


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